DailyArt Magazine Team

Zuzanna Stańska CEO & Founder

Art Historian, founder and CEO of DailyArtMagazine.com and DailyArt mobile app. But to be honest, her greatest accomplishment is being the owner of Pimpek the Cat.

Kate Wojtczak Editor-in-Chief

DailyArt Magazine Editor-in-Chief holding a PhD in art history; editor, writer, stylist, and adamant traveler almost constantly on the move.

Szymon Jocek Assistant Editor / Social Media Manager

Architecture nerd, PhD candidate in art history, museum professional, fascinated by pre- and post-WWII modernism in Central/Eastern Europe.

Ania Kaczynska Senior Editor

Art historian and aspiring writer. Interested in contemporary art from Eastern Europe, Latin America and East Asia, transnational networks of artistic collaboration and exchange, and modernist architecture and design.

Gabriela Boryszewska Social Media Manager

Art historian interested the most in the Polish art market, the history of art collecting and contemporary art.


Adam Oestreich Author

Adam Oestreich is a high school art history teacher and the curator of self-taught, outsider and folk art on the @folkartwork Instagram account as well as the “This Week in Outsider Art” newsletter on Substack. When he is not teaching or scouring the internet for worlds best art he’s chasing his two young children around the house.

Agnieszka Cichocka Author

Head of Acceleration 🚀 Art tech expert 💡 Startups mentor 💡Creator 🚀

Anastasia Manioudaki Author

Art Historian, she graduated from the Department of History and Archeology of the University of Athens and has an MA in Art History from the University of Sussex. She is a member of the Association of Greek Art Historians. Her articles have been published in Ta Nea tis Technis and avopolis.gr.

Andra Patricia Ritisan Author

Art lover. Constant traveller (almost a nomad). Passionate reader. Rainy days addict. Obssesed with pizza.

Anna Ingram Author

Art Historian with a Master of Arts degree. Specializes in tapestries and textiles from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. Also, period dramas, love them!

Camilla de Laurentis

Neurosurgery resident in Italy, who especially loves paintings and the relationship between Art and Medicine. Football addicted, lover of cats, mother of dragons (...that's not true, but I wish it was)

Candy Bedworth Author

Candy's remote, rain soaked farmhouse clings to a steep-sided valley in rural Wales. She raises cats, chickens and children with varying degrees of success. Art, literature and Lakrids licorice save her sanity on a daily basis.

Carlotta Mazzoli Author

Carlotta Mazzoli is an independent curator and art advisor, currently based in Europe. Over the past ten years, she has collaborated with private and public institutions and art galleries in Italy, London, New York, and Shanghai. She specializes in public art, environmental and social issues, and the importance of art as a relational medium. In her free time she likes to write about art and travels on Artsy Travels.

Catriona Miller Author

Catriona Miller is an art historian and freelance writer on art. Having studied at Oxford and St Andrews, she is currently researching issues of nationalism and identity in British landscape painting. She has taught art history and lectures on art history and art appreciation.

Ela Bobek Author

Art historian and proud member of the DailyArt team! Her main interest in AH is art theory and Italian Renaissance.

Emily Snow Author

An American art writer in Amsterdam who loves knitting, her calico cat, and everything Victorian.

Errika Gerakiti Author

Errika has a Master's degree in curatorial practices. She has been a writer for DailyArt Magazine since 2019 and loves sharing what she loves: weird, unusual art, female artists, and contemporary creations.

Europeana Author

We transform the world with culture! We want to build on Europe’s rich heritage and make it easier for people to use, whether for work, for learning or just for fun. Visit us at www.europeana.eu

Georgian Manea Author

Georges here! 22 years old Art History graduated, from Bucharest, passionate about Modern art, especially when it comes to German and Austrian space. Working in a museum and studying for my master's degree in Visual Cultural Studies.

Helen Jeffery Author

Helen Jeffery is an artist who grew up in the halls of the Brooklyn Museum and continues to appreciate arts, architecture, and archaeology.

Isabella Wilkinson Author

Isabella is a freelance art writer with a Masters in Modernism and Postmodernism from The Courtauld Institute of Art. She has worked for Christie’s, Clarendon Fine Art, Frieze Art Fair, Artvisor, Galerie Boulakia, and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

Javier Abel Miguel Author

Javier is a journalist and cultural manager with a passion for art and its history. In his free time he loves reading and researching the lives of artists and their works. He loves everything related to the Middle Ages, the Italian Renaissance and the mysteries behind lost works of art.

James W Singer Author

James W. Singer is an art historian and fine art photographer.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the University of Florida. He later moved to Paris, France. He currently writes “Masterpiece” articles for DailyArt Magazine.

Jenna Burns Author

Jenna has a lifelong love of stories, in all their forms. She is fascinated by the many ways art can be used to convey all kinds of tales—from folklore, myths and legends, to historical events and everyday life.

Jimena Escoto

An International Relations graduate and an art lover. I prefer art prior to the 20th century, in general. I'm interested in art from Mexico and by female artists.

Jinnie Stork Author

Art teacher, photographic artist, art history student and completely osbsessed with the history of arts. Her main interest surrounds modernism and photography.

Joanna Kaszubowska Author

Art historian by education, data geek by trade, art and book lover by passion, based in London in love with Europe and travelling around it. You can visit my book blog here: https://bookskeptic.com/

Julia Bourbois Author

Julia holds a Ph.D. in Public History and an M.A. in Art History from the University of California, Riverside. She is passionate about art, architecture, and exhibitions.

Kaena Daeppen Author

Kaëna Daeppen is a Swiss based historian of art. She’s particularly interested by how art can challenge established norms and generating reflection about our way of interacting with each other and our environment.

Katarzyna Waszak Author

I am a pedagogist and a Master of Art in graphics. I work as an art therapist with people with intellectual disabilities. I love painting, drawing and photography. My favorite artistic theme is flowers, which is why I love Art Nouveau.

Kero Fichter Author

Kero Fichter is an art historian who holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Glasgow and a Master's degree from the University of Vienna. He specializes in the depiction of sexuality, gender relations, and body images in Western art. If not with the head buried in a book, he's most likely roaming the woods.

Lisa Scalone Author

I am a Publishing Editor with a PhD in Physics. During my free time, I enjoy reading art articles, attending exhibitions, and nurturing my curiosity and interest in painting, photography, literature, and music.

Louisa Mahoney Author

Louisa is a master's student in Art History at Sorbonne Université.

Luciana Craciun Author

Luciana Craciun has studied comparative literature at the University of Bucharest and  is now completing a Master's Degree in publishing. She is interested in art from various periods and the way different artistic forms are connected.

Magda Michalska

Magda, art historian and Italianist, she writes about art because she cannot make it herself. She loves committed and political artists like Ai Weiwei or the Futurists; like Joseph Beuys she believes that art can change us and we can change the world.

Martha Teverson Author

Historian of nineteenth and early-twentieth-century art, particularly drawn to themes relating to gender expression, spirituality, magic, and mythologies.

Maya M. Tola Author

Maya Tola is a Southern California-based attorney, with a zest for art history. A time traveler at heart, Maya often finds herself consumed in the contemplation of life in antiquity. She has been sharing her infectious enthusiasm for art and history since 2018 through her posts and articles for the DailyArt App and DailyArt Magazine. When she's not working or writing, you'll find Maya obsessing over plants, animals, and food (in no particular order).

Natalia Iacobelli Author

Natalia is an author and Italian language translator specializing in art history, theory, and criticism. She works with museums and galleries across Europe to bring exhibitions to anglophone audiences. She has translated for the International Venice Biennale and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy.

Nicole Ganbold Author

Nicole worked as an Editor in the DailyArt Magazine and has MA degree in art history. She is passionate about 17th-century Dutch art and colonial history. Her life-goal is to work with art and experience its beauty on a daily basis.

Nikolina Konjevod Author

History of art graduate and enthusiastic appreciator of anything art and culture-related. Currently very interested in Catalan Modernism and Postmodernism, Surrealist artist-designer Elsa Schiaparelli, and 15th-century Florentine art.

Ruxi Rusu Author

Full-time art history fanatic. Her other interests include global politics, music, and philosophy. As it happens, she would like to make a pun but she Kant. Her favorite art movement is Impressionism.

Sam Malone Author

A writer devoted to the arts with a Master's degree in English and a specialization in film studies/history. Ars longa, vita brevis.

Seoyoung (Alyssa) Kim Author

Alyssa is an emerging art historian whose passion is to help everyone find their love for art. She believes that art can truly change the world. She is always looking for new ways to appreciate art.

Theresa Kohlbeck Jakobsen Author

Theresa Kohlbeck Jakobsen is a certified tourist guide for the Faroe Islands and is currently writing her doctoral thesis on Faroese literature from the first half of the 20th century. Theresa lives and works in the city triangle Berlin - Copenhagen - Tórshavn. As part of her degree in Scandinavian Studies, Theresa travelled to almost all corners of Scandinavia and the Baltic States and spent a lot of time in Helsinki, among other places. Theresa's favourite thing to write about is the art and literature of the many small and large Nordic islands. Theresa's articles appear regularly in the magazine Tjaldur of the German-Faroese-Friendship-Association.

Tommy Thiange Author

Social project manager / Art history and archaeology student / Mad about vinyls, books & paintings

Valeria Kumekina Author

An art lover, a bookworm, a flaneur and a daydreamer from Moscow. She is obssesed with the period of la Belle Époque and Marcel Proust. She believes that The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain shaped her personality and probably she was born 100 years later.

Aniela Rybak-Vaganay Author

Art historian living in Chicago. Passionate about women artists and abstract art.


Amelia Boone Proofreader

Amelia is a mom, wife, and college instructor who loves to curl up with a cup of tea, a good book, and her fluffy cat Bonky. She loves writing, studying French, spending time with her family, and creating and viewing art.

Antonia Chela Proofreader

Antonia Chela is an avid art history fan, always seeking to know more about the wonderful world of art! She is a student of art history, and she is interested in learning about all aspects of the art world, current, past and future.

Arthur Ivan Bravo Proofreader

Bec Brownstone Proofreader

Bec is an art nerd, bicycle enthusiast, cat mom, artist/crafter/maker from sunny Toronto, Canada.

Corey Robinson Proofreader

Jennifer Z Smith Proofreader

Karla Pumpido Proofreader

Marva Becker Proofreader

Univ. of NO - Fine Arts and History; Fine Artist, Professional Graphic Designer, Art Historian, Historian, Musician; worked at the New Orleans Museum of Art and MS Museum of Art; Archeology buff and learning enthusiast!

Yifan Xia Proofreader

Past Contributors

Abreeza Thomas Author

Abreeza is a Mississippi native with a strong passion for all things art. In 2018, she graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi, earning a B.A. in Art with minors in Art History and French. As a teacher, she is learning more about her craft and passing on the importance of art history, creativity, and observation to her students. In her free time, she continues to independently produce linocuts, monotypes, and drawings while spending an equal amount of time cuddling with her cat.

Adam Robinson Proofreader

Alexander Jobin Proofreader

European traveler extraordinaire

Alexandra Kiely Author

Alexandra believes that enjoying the art of the past is the closest she can get to time travel, only much safer. Visit her at A Scholarly Skater.

Ana Djoric Author

Belgrade-based art historian discovering the mysteries of ancient times.

Anna Deáki

I am an art lover, an avid traveller, a world citizen. Right now I'm travelling in South America and visiting great art museums all around the continent. I'm co-writing GreenMochila, a cultural & eco travel blog, about my South American experiences.

Alicja Gluszek

Ex political science researcher at the Jagiellonian University. Lover and promoter of Latin American art and design (via blog www.thebananas.pl). In spare time president of the board of FOH Foundation, non profit, pro publico bono organization whose mission is to further safety and professional standards in the entertainment productions industry.  

Alina Manevskaya

Alina died on 20.04.2018. Her great love was art, music, and learning foreign languages. She wrote the Master of Arts thesis on the topic: Wagner in the fine arts.

Anastasia Tsaleza

Anastasia has a BA in English Language and Literature and is working towards a MA in Art History. She loves learning about women artists and wants to right all of history's wrongs, one article at a time. Like her favorite artist, Keith Haring, she believes "art is for everybody".

Anthony de Feo

Screenwriter; art-lover; barrel-rider.

Anthony Royer

A linguist and a translator, an avid reader and a curious traveler currently exploring South America. Co-writes the cultural travel blog Green Mochila about cities, art, food, local customs and languages.

Anuradha Sroha

Forever a student of art. I love to create art as much as I enjoy looking at it. Currently, teaching English Literature at the University of Delhi.

Arianna Richetti Author

Curious, hard working, and always open to learning, Italian student of Cultural Heritage Management, based in Milan. She is in love with every kind of art, and she just wants to transmit her passion to others. You can probably find her at some art exhibition.

Artur Deus Dionisio

Hi, I'm Artur, a Lisbon based Law-Student, with days divided by Surfing and Exploring.

Barry Russell

Barry has a range of degrees focusing on Eastern and Western Culture and is a creative writer of novels, short stories and artist profiles. He lives in Kingston, Canada and also resides in Chengdu, China.

Bruno Guerra Author


Caroline Galambosova Author

"I believe that art is the only form of activity in which man assures himself to be a true individual and its capable of going beyond the animal state. Because art is an outlet towards regions, which are not ruled by time and space. And to live is to believe. That´s my belief." - Marcel Duchamp (1956)

Celia Leiva Otto Author

Cèlia holds a bachelor's degree in art history and a master's degree in aesthetic research from EINA University School of Design and Art in Barcelona. Throughout her academic career, her research has consistently revolved around the in-depth exploration of images, driven by a deep-seated fascination with post-photographic theory. Since 2022, she is the executive assistant at an art advisory in Barcelona.

Charlotte Stace Author

Charlotte is a writer and editor based in Barcelona, Spain. After earning her MA in Politics and Contemporary History, she moved to Rome and later Barcelona. Being exposed to the vast array of classical and contemporary art in these diverse European cities, she developed a passion for art. Now, she writes content for arts, travel and lifestyle publications. When she’s not working, you can find her checking out the city’s exhibitions and sipping on the local cava.

Chris Dobson Author

Chris Dobson is a postgraduate student of English Literature at the University of Glasgow. His interests include the works of Shakespeare, queer theory and cool maps. His favourite artist is Gustav Klimt and he also has a blog: https://anenglishmaninscotland.home.blog/

Christopher Michaut

Christopher is a content creator and digital curator. From the museums to the lands, he follows the foot set of his favorite artists. he is devoted to share glimpses of their life here, and on his Instagram, @mr.bacchus. Instagram!  

Clinton Pittman

A recovering lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, who got a job working with octopuses at a lab in Naples, Italy during college. He spent the weekends looking at Renaissance art all over Italy, took an art class when he got back to school, and remains amazed and awed by human imagination, creativity and ingenuity.

Craig Wakerley

Craig Wakerley is a musician with a love of visual art. He is currently working on a thesis that compares the processes in music and art to find common techniques for representing up, down, far, near, colour and more specific techniques like chiaroscuro and Pointillism.

David Childs Proofreader

Dévra Taboada

Based in Paris, Dévra is a young Brazilian artist trying to discover herself. During the graduation in Audiovisual, she learned in art something she already felt with heart: its power to change the world.  

Diane Won Proofreader

Dominik Volkovynska Intern

Ukrainian art history graduate living in Poland. She is passionate about everything antique, political art, and heritage studies.

Elizaveta Ermakova Author

A Russian historian herself, Elizaveta has a soft spot for Art (and not only the native one). Based in Moscow and trying to get as many people as possible to become Art lovers in every city she goes to.

Erol Degirmenci Author

Classical Studies graduate based in Canada. Admirer of Neoclassical art. Lover of anything related to antiquity.

Gabriela Hurtado

22 years old. Trilingual. Translator. Latin. Degree in Modern Languages, graduated from the University of Los Andes. Languages and art lover.        

Geoffrey Bunting Author

Geoffrey Bunting is a freelance journalist, author, historian, and book designer. Beyond Daily Art Magazine, he is featured in Wired, IGN, History Today, The Face, and more. He dreams of someone paying him to watch Korean dramas and Pitch Perfect all day - he also often dreams about losing his car and he doesn't know why.

Giordana Goretti Author

During my University years, my route to class would take me by the Colosseum. I used to slow down my scooter whenever I passed by. Often I was called names by angry drivers. But I couldn't help it. I am a sucker for beauty and I'll die one.

Gokce Dyson Author

Based in Canterbury, Gokce holds a bachelor's degree in History and Archaeological Studies and a master's degree in Museum and Gallery Studies. She firmly believes that art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. If Gokce is not tucked into a cosy corner with a medieval history book, she can be found spending her evenings doing jigsaw puzzles.

Hannah Demaine

An Art History and Humanities student based in Northern Ireland, a wanderer, and wonder..er.

Howard Schwartz

Howard Schwartz is an artist, writer, cartoonist, calligrapher and art historian who recently was interviewed for the documentary 'In Celebration of Chaim Soutine's 125th Anniversary.' Please visit www.soutine.co to see the documentary and share his passion for Soutine. Howard also illustrated the book 'Caddie Tales for the 99 Percenters,' available on Amazon. He enjoys good vegetarian restaurants, art museums, art movies, and learning new things. His website is www.howardschwartzart.com.

Andreea Iancu Author

I am Andreea and my passions are art and fashion. I have a BA in art history and I am currently doing a master's degree in Art History and Philosophy of Culture at the University of Bucharest. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iancu_andreea/

Isla Phillips-Ewen Author

Isla graduated with a first class BA in Classics from the University of Cambridge in 2018. After university she spent a year in Japan, where she interned as a curatorial assistant at the Fukuoka Asian Arts Museum. Recently, Isla completed a History of Art MA with Distinction at Birkbeck College, University of London. She currently lives in London with her husband, siamese cats and baby.

Irina Diana Calu Author

I am an art historian working as an IT Sales Manager. Currently, I am a master's student at the Center of Excellence in Image Studies researching Dutch and Flemish Renaissance Art. I love traveling, visiting museums and exhibitions. Together with my daughter, I live in Bucharest, Romania

Jennifer S. Musawwir Author

Jennifer S. Musawwir is a feminist, has a background in Art History and lives in New York City with her husband and two children. To learn more about her art adventures near and far visit www.familyarttravel.com and https://www.instagram.com/familyarttravel/.

Jeremiah Sweeney Proofreader

Jon Kelly

A middle aged upstart with a passion for art history - "art can be a force for good if employed at the correct angle!" Likes Surrealism, jazz and socks.

Joseph S. Oxley Proofreader

Joshua Lambert Proofreader

Judyta Dąbrowska

A graduate of art history, in addition to being a lover of historicism and postmodernism, she particularly likes art theory and art critique, that's why writing about art is her story.

Kacper Grass

Student of language, literature, and politics. Travels, sails, and tends to appear at festivals. Discovered a passion for art and writing along the way. Currently resides south of the Pyrenees under the Iberian sun. Prefers pilsners to porters. Fascinated by Beckett, relaxed by Ravel, and firmly convinced that the Sex Pistols (damn the Ramones!) started punk rock.

Kateryna Martynova Author

Fine arts school graduate. An admirer of Rococo and 18th-century history Kateryna teaches everyone to love art as much as she does. Kateryna is aesthete who believes that knowledge is power.

Kelly Hill Author

Kelly Hill is a Humanities instructor at the University of Louisville. She holds an MFA in Writing from Spalding University, and she loves Impressionist, Surrealist, and Abstract Expressionist art. She's been known to bore her friends and family with discussions about representations of gender in 19th century art. If she could only look at one painting for the rest of her life, it would be Degas’s The Star.

Klaudia Zelazowska

Art historian; she wishes she could go to the exhibition of modern art with Marcel Duchamp, take part in Tadeusz Kantor's happening or ...drink a damn good coffee with Agent Cooper.

Lana Pajdas Author

Art Historian with a Masters' Degree in Digital Humanities. Speaking of art and creating it. Living part time in Croatia and part time in Greece. Enthusiastic about ancient pottery, mythology, iconography, seaside landscapes, and kinetic energy.

Lauren Dorsey Author

Lauren Dorsey is a college student at Dartmouth majoring in Classics and Art History. Some of her favorite pastimes include translating Latin, practicing her cross-cut, and writing about art! You can find out more about Lauren at her Instagram and her Linked.In.

Lauren Kraut Author

My day jobs are in museum Collections and teaching art history survey classes and Women in Art. When not emerged in art or in group chats with fellow art history teachers, there's a good chance I'm either reading or watching Golden Girls.

Kristin Urban

Kristin's a fan of tea, books, and cute animals. She studied art and the environment as an undergrad, and somehow ended up spending most of her time writing.

Maia Heguiaphal

French student in history of art, she wants her life to be filled with art, writing is a great way to share this world with all of you.

Maria Frazzoni

Maria is a journalist from the end of the world based in Milan, she believes that art belongs forever to whoever claims it hardest, remembers it most obsessively, wrenches it from itself, shapes it, renders it, loves it so radically that he remakes it in his own image.

Marga Patterson Author

Artist and Writer. Marga is fascinated and inspired by the ancient world, art history and archaeology. You can find more of her work here: www.margapatterson.com

Marina Kochetkova

I like to explore how art changed our world and try to delve deeper into each artistic period. It is not only a work of art that fascinates me but also the lives of artists and their aspirations to bring meaning into the world.

Marta Wiktoria Bryll Author

I like frogs.

Matthew Vazquez Proofreader

Melanie Demmer Proofreader

Melanie is a freelance editor, proofreader, and writer within humanities fields. Follow her on Twitter @melaniesdemmer.

Merve Parla Author

I am obsessed with fine arts as well as anything associated to cinema.

Montaine Dumont Author

Hi ! Graduated from the Ecole du Louvre in Art History, I'm studying at the Sorbonne University. Art became the center of my life through my studies but I also love to practice it, especially drawing and photography, my favorite hobbies. I hope you will enjoy reading my articles on DailyArt Magazine !

Michel Rutten

I believe that art makes us better people and gives us many ways of reflexion on the world of today, past and future. I am amazed and look every time through the eyes of a child. That makes me an art lover and a big admirer of Pablo Picasso. I enjoy visiting art galleries and take at least 40 different looks at the same work of art.  

Nadine Waldmann Author

Giotto's weeping angels started my love affair with art history. Seattle, WA based.

Natalia Tiberio Author

Art enthusiast that loves modernism, abstraction, textiles, and Latin America.

Nataliia Pecherska

I am a Ukrainian journalist, who enjoy visiting art museums and writing articles on cultural topics.

Nina Relf Author

I am 22 years old, living near London and an aspiring Curator. I have just graduated from The Courtauld Institute of Art with a Masters degree in the History of Art, and I am a lover of painting, feminist art criticism and reading!    

Noa Weisberg

Noa is an undergraduate Art History student who lives just outside Tel Aviv. She enjoys traveling the globe, visiting exciting art exhibitions and overanalysing the hidden symbolism of various TV shows.


An American living in Germany, I studied studio art and art management and have worked in art education and communications for museums and art/design non-profits.

Petra Dragasevic Author

Art Historian and Germanist

Pola Otterstein

is a fifth-year student towards her Master of Journalism degree, yet art has always been one of her biggest interests. She especially admires Impressionism, Postimpressionism as well as Realism. As a result, she can never get enough of museums, and therefore loves to travel the world.

Rachel Witte Author

Rachel is attempting to navigate this crazy world with her two kids, husband, a whole lot of coffee, and some good books in tow. She holds a Master's degree in Art History and a Bachelor's in History. When she's not writing, she can be found day dreaming about traveling to all of the art museums and coffee shops.  

Roma Piotrowska Author

Roma Piotrowska is a gallery professional with a depth of experience, ranging from managing exhibitions and registration to producing publications and curating. As the Exhibitions Manager at Ikon (Birmingham) she manages the successful implementation of Ikon’s temporary exhibitions, publications and commissions. Alongside her work at Ikon she has also developed a freelance writing, curating and producing career. She worked on the development of Iraq Pavilions at the Venice Biennale in 2013, 2015 and 2017. In 2012 she worked as the Curatorial Assistant for the 4th Guangzhou Triennial (China). She has managed and curated many different types of exhibitions, ranging from solo shows to group surveys, commissions, offsite projects and festival strands. Her recent projects include Clipping the Church by Tereza Buskova (2016), Artloop Festival (2015) and Soon Everything Will Change: Joanna Rajkowska (2014).  She was a Programme Curator and Co Director of PEA (2010 – 2014) where she developed the concept of its gallery Centrala, focused on showing artists from Central and Eastern Europe in the UK. She has authored several articles concerning art in magazines and exhibition catalogues. She also regularly produces content for her Youtube channel.

Rucha Vijay Bodas Author

Graphic Designer | Educator | Engineer | Writer

Rute Ferreira

Someone who believes, through reading and intuition, that the history of art is the true history of humanity. In love with Renaissance art and a huge fan of the Impressionists.

Sarah Mills Author

Forensic Psychology MSc student with a fondness for ghost stories, those of M. R. James in particular. Sarah has been writing for Daily Art since 2016, firstly for the app and later the magazine, and all her cats are named after characters from Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Sofia Rodriguez Cuevas

(Santiago de Chile, Chile, 1998) Professional photographer, specialized in analogical processes, and student of Restoration and Conservation of art at the UPV, Valencia. Multidisciplinary artist; poet, illustrator and photographer.

Soledad Castillo Jara

Political scientist with a strong passion for Art History. Great admirer of Vermeer and Velázquez. Researcher and amateur painter of still lifes.

Sophie Pell Proofreader

Sophie is a masters film student with a passion for art history which has taken over most of her life. She loves using art to inspire her work and spends her free time reading about art history, visiting galleries, and discovering new works. She is partial to late Renaissance, Romanticism, Allegoricism, and has always had a soft spot for Impressionists.

Tony Heathfield

Literary researcher, Ma(Res) student and teacher of all things written. Based outside of London on the sunny side of Kent but close enough to the city to enjoy the coffee shops and theatres.

Urvi Chheda Author

Urvi Chheda is artist and art researcher based in Mumbai. Currently, she has enrolled in MVA Art History at the Faculty of Fine Art, MS University, Baroda, India. She runs, swims, treks, and is learning Kalaripayattu, an ancient martial art form.  She has graduated from the Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai, India.

Yahya Bensouda

Is a literature and an art enthusiast. Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy are his friends, and Nietzsche is his all time best companion. Can solve different Rubik's cubes (but not so fast).

Vithória Konzen Dill Author

A historian, Vithória researches the Italian Renaissance. Her favorite art movement is Impressionism, and she must have flowers, always and always.

Wendy Gray

Teacher by trade; art lover by choice. Like all manner of artists and movements but somehow always end up back in 1910!

Wen Gu Author

Second-year graduate student in the field of art history. Her favorite pieces of art are from Europe's 17th and 18th centuries. She is an uncontrollable fantasist and doer who suffers from a self-righteous heroism complex.

Yasmin Ozkan Author

Yasmin is an English Literature with Creative Writing graduate who works in the art industry; privileged to visit various exhibitions around London, she writes about her favourites in her spare time.