Seoyoung (Alyssa) Kim


Alyssa is an emerging art historian whose passion is to help everyone find their love for art. She believes that art can truly change the world. She is always looking for new ways to appreciate art.

Articles by Seoyoung (Alyssa)

Contemporary Art

Inuit Art: All You Need to Know

The world of Inuit art is deeply intertwined with the distinct Inuit culture and lifestyle adapted to their harsh, but unique and beautiful...

Seoyoung (Alyssa) Kim 4 March 2024

Asian Art

10 Korean Artworks You Should Know (Across History)

The ten artworks featured give an overview of the vast Korean art world. These items span from the early Joseon period to the present and take...

Seoyoung (Alyssa) Kim 15 February 2024