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Erol Degirmenci

An ardent classicist based in the pearl of the Aegean. Admirer of Neoclassical art. Lover of anything related to antiquity.

Stories By Erol Degirmenci

  • Ancient Greece

    Depictions of Ajax in Ancient Greek Pottery

    By July 9, 2020

    Ancient Greek literature is abundant in legendary heroes who live and die for everlasting glory. Their names and deeds echoed in the conscience of many societies for centuries and continue to do so. Naturally, these epochal...

  • 19th Century

    William Waterhouse’s Love for Circe

    By May 21, 2020

    Circe is one of the fascinating characters in Homer’s epic poem the Odyssey. Due to her complex and unconventional nature, many painters have attempted to portray her in their own unique ways throughout history. Yet, there...

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