Gabriela Hurtado

22 years old. Trilingual. Translator. Latin. Degree in Modern Languages, graduated from the University of Los Andes. Languages and art lover.        

Articles by Gabriela


10 Most Scary Paintings

Paintings can represent both real and unreal themes and scary paintings are a mixture of both. Among all the emotions that make up the human psyche, ...

Gabriela Hurtado 30 January 2021


Botero and His Characteristic Chubby Style: Boterism

Colombian artist, Fernando Botero, demonstrates how differently we can all view the same object. Although, Botero is known for creating thick fat ...

Gabriela Hurtado 23 September 2020


Voyage Cin̩tique II РKinetic Art on the Runway

Transforming a woman's body into a piece of art, the Venezuelan Oscar Carvallo introduced 35 outfits with prints, textures, cuts and details created ...

Gabriela Hurtado 18 February 2019