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Gabriela Hurtado

21-year-old trilingual Venezuelan, translator, writer, swimmer, ex-triathlete (nowadays everything is a hobby), marathoner, cyclist, climber, kickboxer, fitness skating skater, acrobat, improving in tennis, hiker wanting to be a surfer; international chef with a permanent hunger.

Stories By Gabriela Hurtado

  • Voyage Cinétique II - Kinetic Art Voyage Cinétique II - Kinetic Art


    Voyage Cinétique II – Kinetic Art on the Runway

    By February 18, 2019

    Transforming a woman’s body into a piece of art, the Venezuelan Oscar Carvallo introduced 35 outfits with prints, textures, cuts and details created from six works made by another Venezuelan artist, Carlos Cruz-Diez for the collection...

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