Theresa Kohlbeck Jakobsen


Theresa Kohlbeck Jakobsen is a certified tourist guide for the Faroe Islands and is currently writing her doctoral thesis on Faroese literature from the first half of the 20th century. Theresa lives and works in the city triangle Berlin - Copenhagen - Tórshavn. As part of her degree in Scandinavian Studies, Theresa travelled to almost all corners of Scandinavia and the Baltic States and spent a lot of time in Helsinki, among other places. Theresa's favourite thing to write about is the art and literature of the many small and large Nordic islands. Theresa's articles appear regularly in the magazine Tjaldur of the German-Faroese-Friendship-Association.

Articles by Theresa


5 Painters from Faroe Islands You Should Know

In the middle of the North Atlantic lie 18 islands most people have never heard of. They are called Faroe, which loosely translates to sheep islands.

Theresa Kohlbeck Jakobsen 1 January 2024

Museum Stories

5 Museum Gift Shops in Berlin—Get Ready for Christmas!

With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, are you seeking something special for your loved ones?  This year, we’ve got you covered...

Theresa Kohlbeck Jakobsen 24 November 2023