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Lauren Dorsey

Lauren Dorsey is a college student at Dartmouth majoring in Classics and Art History. Some of her favorite pastimes include translating Latin, practicing her cross-cut, and writing about art!You can find out more about Lauren at her Instagram and her Linked.In.

    Stories By Lauren Dorsey

    • Ancient Rome

      How to Identify a Roman Emperor by His Beard

      By January 9, 2021

      How many times have you walked into a museum full of statues or busts and not been able to tell one ancient sculpture from another? It can be intimidating to stand in a room of marble...

    • 19th Century

      The Top 5 Most Badass Women of Greek Mythology

      By December 6, 2020

      Most people have heard stories of the most famous Greek gods and heroes: Zeus, Poseidon, Hercules, Hades, etc. But what about the tales and woes of mythical women? Ranging from clever queens to murderous witches, this...

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