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Isla Phillips

Isla graduated with a first class BA in Classics from the University of Cambridge in 2018. Her specialisms were Art, Archaeology and the Roman poet Ovid. After graduation she spent a year in Japan, where she interned as a curatorial assistant at the Fukuoka Asian Arts Museum. Currently, Isla is studying for a History of Art MA in London (part-time). Professionally (full-time) Isla is based in Kent as a director of an educational charity and a teacher.

Stories By Isla Phillips

  • Artist

    Circus and Jazz of Henri Matisse

    By December 30, 2020

    Henri Matisse (1869–1954) was a French artist famous for his use of colour. The Circus (below) is a colour stencil piece from Matisse’s book Jazz. Only 350 copies were made of the book so you might not...

  • dailyart

    The 12 Days of Christmas

    By December 25, 2020

    In the spirit of the festive season, our gift to you is the 12 days of Christmas retold in artworks. The Twelve Days of Christmas is a carol with roots in 18th-century England, heavy with symbolism...

  • 21st century

    The Pros and Cons of Maggie Hambling’s Mary Wollstonecraft

    By December 21, 2020

    Maggie Hambling CBE (b. 1945) is a British artist who is rarely seen without a cigarette. She paints beautiful land and seascapes, has several fascinating portraits at the National Gallery (where she was the first artist...

  • dailyart

    Art Advent Calendar of Nativities

    By December 1, 2020

    Today December starts and that means it is the countdown until Christmas Day. To celebrate, here is an art advent calendar of nativity scenes, arranged in chronological order. 1. Domenico di Ghirlandaio Domenico Ghirlandaio was an...

  • Art State of Mind

    The Art of Ekphrasis: 5 Novels that Deftly Describe Art

    By November 2, 2020

    Describing works of art is an essential part of art history and even as a research method in itself. And yet, description is also often dismissed as tendentious. The technical term for describing a work of art...

  • dailyart

    Stepping into the South of France with Picasso at BASTIAN

    By October 7, 2020

    BASTIAN’s exhibition Atelier Picasso in London (3rd September – 31st October 2020) evokes the mood and heat of Picasso’s later years in the South of France. The exhibition sheds a fascinating light on the creative universe...

  • 21st century

    The Louvre Pyramid and 5 Other Art Museums Designed by Ieoh Ming Pei

    By September 21, 2020

    Ioh Ming Pei (貝聿銘) (1917-2019) was a Chinese American modernist architect with international acclaim. Exciting for art history fans, many of Pei’s buildings are art museums. This means you can visit the architecture and the artworks all in one...

  • 21st century

    Artist Interview: Anita Yan Wong and Lingnan Painting

    By August 19, 2020

    Lingnan style guo hua is an early 19th century style of Chinese painting, from Lingnan in the Southern region of China. Its origins are a revolutionary mix of new knowledge from both Japanese painting and Western art....

  • Ancient Greece

    Timeless Beauty: Ancient Greek Athletes in Art

    By July 25, 2020

    The idea of timeless beauty is fascinating. Also, it’s a great concern for lovers of art history. Conceptions of beauty in Western art history have many roots in the ancient Greek athlete. This is partly due...

  • Art State of Mind

    Football in Art and Art in Football

    By July 24, 2020

    Art History and Football are not commonly linked together. However football is a beloved and reflective part of culture. Firstly, artists choose to contemplate football to show their love for the beautiful game. Secondly, the art...

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