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Yahya Bensouda

Is a literature and an art enthusiast. Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy are his friends, and Nietzsche is his all time best companion. Can solve different Rubik's cubes (but not so fast).

    Stories By Yahya Bensouda

    • 20th century

      Do You Know that Henri Matisse Actually Came to Morocco?

      By May 19, 2018

      The first thoughts that come to one’s mind when one thinks of Henri Matisse are France, fauvism, raw shapes and colors, smooth brushstrokes, modern art… But never Morocco! Why not? First, because not many people know...

    • Literature

      When Literature Meets Painting …

      By February 26, 2018

      Have you ever been so in love with a scene from a book that it made you think (sometimes loudly): “Well that would make a perfect painting!”? If you have ever experienced this feeling, you shared...

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