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Dévra Taboada

Based in Paris, Dévra is a young Brazilian artist trying to discover herself. During the graduation in Audiovisual, she learned in art something she already felt with heart: its power to change the world. 

Stories By Dévra Taboada

  • Animals

    Dog Breeds in Famous Paintings

    By November 20, 2020

    When we see a dog in a painting, we always try to guess which breed it is. Motivated by this curiosity we have selected some works that show representations of different breeds of dogs in famous...

  • Artists' Stories

    The Nerdwriter: YouTube Channel for Art Lovers

    By October 21, 2020

    If you are a naturally curious person and above all an art lover, Nerdwriter is a complete channel to kill all curiosities and learn a lot.  Nerdwriter releases weekly videos that “puts ideas to work”. With...

  • dailyart

    Best Art Books for Little Artists

    By August 9, 2020

    Learning about art history can be fun! It can stimulate children’s imaginations and set them off on their own artistic journeys, whilst teaching them some useful techniques along the way. Here, we have selected four more...

  • Artist

    Best Books for Little Art Historians

    By July 23, 2020

    Can you remember what your first experience with art was? Books can be an easy and fun way to stimulate children’s abilities and interests. We have selected four great art books for different ages for small...

  • Artist

    Photos of Famous Artists When They Were Kids

    By June 5, 2020

    Sometimes it is hard to remember that famous artists were also children at one time, just like all of us. We have selected six of them for you to see how cute they were and to...

  • Abstraction

    An Andalusian Dog – Surrealist Film of Dalí and Buñuel

    By May 28, 2020

    Quarantine is already distressing us, but An Andalusian Dog is always a good tip. Above all, the movie and Surrealism, show us how art can ease harsh realities and yet be real. The Surrealist Movement and the...

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