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Sarah Mills

Reader, writer and professional daydreamer (very accomplished at this last one). Huge fan of 20th Century illustrator Charles Keeping, totally in love with the stories of Robert Louis Stevenson and M.R.James, and fascinated by Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast trilogy. Sarah studied Music and History of Art and has been writing for Daily Art since 2016. She works as a graphic artist/illustrator, and has a Gothic heart (likes skulls and horror movies, and names cats after Dracula characters). Being undeniably visual, she feels directly connected by art and music to the people of the past and therefore their experiences and feelings.

Stories By Sarah Mills

  • History

    Queen Elizabeth I – Portraits of the Last Tudor Rose

    By May 7, 2021

    Queen Elizabeth I (1533–1603) was the only surviving child of King Henry VIII of England and his second wife Anne Boleyn. Being a girl was hard enough in the face of Henry’s desperation for a son...

  • H, Dog, acrylic on canvas, 1993 H, Dog, acrylic on canvas, 1993


    What I Found in the Museum Of Bad Art

    By April 16, 2021

    MOBA, or the Museum Of Bad Art, is replete with almost anything that could be wished for in terms of the good, the bad, the very bad, the hilarious, and of course the ugly. The category...

  • History

    Five MORE Things Everyone Should Know About the Victorians

    By April 2, 2021

    The last time that we talked about the Victorian era, we looked at steam travel, Alice in Wonderland, Romanticism, the Pre-Raphaelites and Sherlock Holmes. So what shall we look at next? How about the Gothic, Jack...

  • History

    Five Things Everyone Should Know About the Victorians

    By April 1, 2021

    What do we think of when we ponder the Victorian era? I for one almost always think of steam trains, the Victoria & Albert Museum, Sherlock Holmes, Jack the Ripper, Charles Dickens, pea-soupers (thick London fog),...

  • Wassily Kandinsky, Improvisation 19 Wassily Kandinsky, Improvisation 19


    Music and Art: Tanto Bravura!

    By March 15, 2021

    Music and art have long been closely tied together, each taking inspiration from the other (for better or for worse). Some remarkable music has been inspired by great works of art. For example, Italian composer Ottorino...

  • dailyart

    The Provocative Art of Pat Douthwaite

    By February 24, 2021

    Pat Douthwaite (1934-2002), a Scottish-born artist producing her most astonishing work during the 1960s and the first half of the 1970s, has been overlooked until more recently. Now however she is being discovered, and rightly so....

  • Art State of Mind

    Flying Objects in Art: Kites

    By February 20, 2021

    So far we’ve had balloons and celestial bodies as part of this series. Now we move to kites as our flying objects in art, but where do we start? There are so many examples! Probably best,...

  • dailyart

    The Stunning Botanical Art of Barbara Regina Dietzsch

    By February 19, 2021

    Bavarian-born Barbara Regina Dietzsch (1706–1783) was one of the finest botanical artists and engravers of her time. Her work was unparalleled for its delicacy of execution and hyperrealistic detail. When we look at her work, we...

  • Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring

    Art State of Mind

    Homemade Masterpieces: Art Inspiring Creativity in Our Homes

    By December 26, 2020

    Art enters our homes in a multitude of ways. We might see something that appeals to us in a movie, for example in The Accountant (2016) paintings by Jackson Pollock, Renoir, and Cassius Coolidge feature prominently....

  • Flying Objects in Art: Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel Flying Objects in Art: Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel

    Art State of Mind

    Flying Objects in Art: Celestial Bodies

    By December 18, 2020

    When we think about flying objects we usually imagine birds, planes, kites, balloons, or even UFOs! It’s easy to forget that at one point the planets, the stars, the sun and the moon might have been...

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