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Nicole Ganbold

Nicole works in the editorial team of the DailyArt Magazine and is an art historian passionate about 17th century Dutch art and colonial history. Her life-goal is to work with art and experience its beauty on a daily basis.

    Stories By Nicole Ganbold

    • dailyart

      Cincinnati Art Museum Staff Picks

      By July 21, 2021

      If you’re a frequent visitor to a museum, for sure you must have a certain favorite piece from that place, right? The same is true for the museum staff that is surrounded by these artworks every...

    • Baroque

      Beautiful Chinese Porcelain in Dutch Still Lifes

      By June 17, 2021

      Chinese culture has always been an object of European fascination – in art history, we see it in paintings, ornaments, architecture, fashion, and porcelain. Ever heard of Dutch Delftware? That’s right, these peculiar blue and white...

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