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Nina Relf

I am 21 years old, living near London and an aspiring Curator. I am currently studying for an MA, specialising in the Italian Renaissance, and am a lover of painting, feminist art criticism and reading!  

    Stories By Nina Relf

    • Art State of Mind

      The Benefits of Visiting a Museum

      By May 18, 2020

      During the current coronavirus lockdown, when all the art we see is digital, we can reflect on that which we took for granted before. There are so many benefits to visiting a museum. But what is...

    • Artist

      Sofonisba: The Life of a Rule-Breaker Painter

      By May 6, 2020

      During the Italian Renaissance, women artists were not allowed the same access to artistic education as men. Sofonisba Anguissola, however, used her rare access to artistic training to achieve a successful international career. She paved the...

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