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Artur Deus Dionisio

Hi, I'm Artur, a Lisbon based Law-Student, with days divided by Surfing and Exploring.

Stories By Artur Deus Dionisio

  • Art State of Mind

    The Art of Metamorphosis

    By December 29, 2018

    “she broke the rules of time, fragmenting and aligning it, to sew the fundamental phases of her subjects’ transformation: she  brought us the revolutionary art of Metamorphosis” We all master an underestimated craft. You probably know...

  • 19th Century

    Observation As An Act Of Creation: The Art of Looking

    By July 12, 2018

    Observation as an act of creation — whenever you look, you’re painting a perception: Realizing that we are painters of our impressions is as empowering as liberating — and, like in every art form, there’s a...

  • Art Nouveau

    The Poster Manifest: Making Publicity Beautiful Again!

    By April 3, 2018

    Publicity is all about hijacking your thoughts and stealing attention, yet some posters prove that it can be done in a beautiful and mindful way. Wouldn’t it be great to be among art every day? Imagine...

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