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Gokce Dyson

Based in Canterbury, Gokce holds a bachelor's degree in History and Archaeological Studies and a master's degree in Museum and Gallery Studies. She firmly believes that art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. If Gokce is not tucked into a cosy corner with a medieval history book, she can be found spending her evenings doing jigsaw puzzles.

Stories By Gokce Dyson

  • English tourists in Italy during the grand tour English tourists in Italy during the grand tour

    Art Travels

    The Grand Tour: Everything You Need to Know

    By July 6, 2021

    Nowadays, it is very common to take a gap year before or after university studies. You travel to expand your horizons. Dedicating a year or two before committing to a full-time job means you can experience...

  • Artists' Stories

    Four Female Court Painters You Did Not Know

    By May 7, 2021

    Throughout history, art has always played an important role in royal propaganda across Europe. Royal families were in a race to employ the best painters of their time. Court painter positions were generally filled by male...

  • Art State of Mind

    Reading in Art: Six Paintings to See on World Book Day

    By April 23, 2021

    Books have been an indispensable part of our daily lives since ancient times. From scrolls to kindles, the way we read may have evolved, however the significance of books remains constant. Since 1995, the 23rd of...

  • 21st century

    London Mall Galleries: An Interview on Covid-19 and Reopening

    By April 19, 2021

    The evening of the 4th January united the residents of the UK once again. Everyone’s attention was focused on the third national lockdown announcement that came from the prime minister. With the order of stay-at-home, art...

  • 19th Century

    Escape to the Forest: The Birth of Barbizon School

    By April 12, 2021

    During the 19th century, the most promising artists trained at the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture in Paris. The academy taught its pupils the works of the Old Masters. Artists in the making were encouraged...

  • 19th Century

    Fanny Brate: A Forgotten Painter of Everyday Art

    By April 9, 2021

    Fanny Brate was born in Stockholm in 1861. Showing great potential from a young age, she started taking drawing and painting classes when she was only ten years old. In 1885, at the age of 24,...

  • Baroque

    Elisabetta Sirani: The Glory of the Female Sex

    By March 29, 2021

    Elisabetta Sirani (1638–1665) was born in Bologna, a progressive city with a liberal attitude towards educating women. She was a pioneering female artist who established an academy for other women aspiring to become painters. Sirani was...

  • 20th century

    Alice Neel: The Story of Defying Convention

    By March 24, 2021

    Today, Alice Neel is considered the greatest portrait painter of the 20th century. As she usually painted her friends, family, neighbors, and people she encountered on the streets, her work is a visual documentary of her...

  • 19th Century

    The Great Vision of Nature: Constable and McTaggart

    By March 16, 2021

    During his lifetime, captivated by the beauty of nature, John Constable’s landscapes received mixed reviews. He thought he was never going to have his desired impact on the art world. However, Constable was unaware that his...

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