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Candy Bedworth

Candy's remote, rain soaked farmhouse clings to a steep-sided valley in rural Wales. She raises cats, chickens and children with varying degrees of success. Art, literature and Lakrids licorice save her sanity on a daily basis.

    Stories By Candy Bedworth

    • 20th century

      Chiharu Shiota’s Installation Art: Drawing in the Air

      By July 2, 2020

      Berlin-based artist Chiharu Shiota creates monumental artworks that immerse the visitor in a tangled web of their own imagination. Delicate yarn installations, filling a gallery space, move you from creation to death, and almost impossibly, beyond.

    • dailyart

      Claude Cahun. A Surrealist Queer Prophet

      By June 15, 2020

      Claude Cahun famously said “Masculine? Feminine? It depends on the situation. Neuter is the only gender that always suits me.” Photographer, writer and political activist, Claude Cahun was born in 1894 in Nantes, France into an...

    • Ancient

      The Intriguing Tale of Shocking Sheela Na Gig and Its Art References

      By May 29, 2020

      Everyone remembers their first sighting of a Sheela Na Gig. Wandering around an old church, breathing in the architecture, the history, the silence. And then – that looks like, oh, yes, it is – a naked...

    • dailyart

      Crowning the May Queen in Art

      By May 13, 2020

      The May Queen is the personification of springtime. Crowned with fresh flowers, she leads her people to the Maypole for fun and frolicking. A maiden represents the fruitful bounty of the coming year, at the moment...

    • Art State of Mind

      The Goldfinch: Singing Across Time

      By April 8, 2020

      See the lonely little bird, trapped in a situation over which it has no control. Chained, isolated. Sound familiar? In these strange times we need even stranger stories. Read on about the goldfinch. When I say...

    • dailyart

      Evelyn De Morgan, the Pre-Raphaelite Sister You May Not Know

      By March 14, 2020

      Welcome to the work of Evelyn De Morgan. Jewel rich colors, gorgeously draped figures and a feminist message – what’s not to like?! But why is her name so unknown? Art history scholars regularly pay homage...

    • dailyart

      500 years of Raphael. Exhibitions in 2020

      By February 11, 2020

      He was sometimes known as Il divino – the divine one – for his expert mastery of space and proportion. And this year, in the 500th anniversary of his death, you can get up close and...

    • Artist

      Raphael – Renaissance Prince of Painters

      By February 1, 2020

      Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino – better known as Raphael – is known for the harmony and clarity of form within his visually brilliant paintings. He was sometimes known as Il divino – the divine one – for...

    • Art Travels

      Eleri Mills – A Deep Sense of Belonging

      By January 16, 2020

      The colour palette in Wales at the moment is one of muted browns, dour greys and mucky khaki. So what a perfect season to come across the work of Eleri Mills. Mills is one of the...

    • dailyart

      Christmas Cards from Hell

      By December 24, 2019

      As the postman brings you cheery season’s greetings from your nearest and dearest, let me guess what the images are on the front of your Christmas cards. Chubby robins? Jolly Santas? Snowy picturesque villages? And of...

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