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Michel Rutten

I believe that art makes us better people and gives us many ways of reflexion on the world of today, past and future. I am amazed and look every time through the eyes of a child. That makes me an art lover and a big admirer of Pablo Picasso. I enjoy visiting art galleries and take at least 40 different looks at the same work of art. 

    Stories By Michel Rutten

    • 20th century

      Lee Krasner, Much More than a Muse

      By August 6, 2020

      Lee Krasner (1908–1984) is better known as Jackson Pollock’s muse, but lately art critics have recognised her reputation as an artist in her own right. Since 2018, a retrospective of her work has been on tour....

    • Art State of Mind

      Quarantine Times: These Artists Performed at Their Best Alone

      By April 25, 2020

      Most of us don’t escape the obligation of some kind of quarantine in these corona-driven times. Social distancing and isolation are keywords in press. It gives us an unexpected time for reflection. But what about artists?...

    • dailyart

      Ulay: Pioneer of Performance Art

      By March 12, 2020

      The German performance artist Ulay became known as half of the symbiotic duo Marina Abramovic – Ulay. While Abramovic became the big star, Ulay always kept experimenting and did not shy away from radical actions. Ulay...

    • Art State of Mind

      How Artworks Can Suffer. The Forbidden City Case and More

      By January 30, 2020

      Recently, on Monday, January 20th, two Chinese women drove their Mercedes SUV into the Forbidden City in Beijing. That event created quite a controversy. The least you can say is that it is daring and very...

    • Artist

      David Bowie, from Popstar to Neo-expressionist Painter

      By January 23, 2020

      Most people know David Bowie as a popstar and performer, but do you know his secret talent? He embraced the fine arts as well as music, performing arts and was also very passionate about painting. To...

    • 20th century

      Afro-American Artists Arm in Arm: Charles White and Kerry J. Marshall

      By January 3, 2020

      Last month the auction house Sotheby’s sold Kerry James Marshall’s painting Vignette 19 for $16 million. That’s a lot of money for a work by a living artist. But last year the same artist did even better....

    • Contemporary Art

      Vincent van Gogh Revisited: Art of Hope Gangloff

      By November 20, 2019

      The American artist Hope Gangloff (born in 1974) made several landscape paintings this year, some of which are reminiscent of Vincent van Gogh’s work. Her lively use of color and her tangled brushwork are probably the...

    • 20th century

      Disney Figures in Art that Make You Think Twice

      By October 25, 2019

      Who doesn’t like Disney characters? They are cute, sweet, and adorable. They also represent an ideal image and simplify our world view. That’s fine in children’s movies, but some artists use Disney characters to portray their...

    • 19th Century

      Last Days of Summer in Art

      By September 21, 2019

      The end of summer is approaching and these last days of sunshine create a kind of melancholy feeling. You probably like to look back on the past few weeks. The summer is a period in which...

    • 20th century

      Moving to Abstraction: Andreas Gursky’s Rhine

      By July 26, 2019

      Andreas Gursky’s Rhine is an interesting piece that tells the transformation of a real-life picture into an abstract work of art. The move towards abstraction in painting has taken a long time ago, but it is...

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