Ancient Greece

The A to Z of Ancient Greek Pottery Terms Pt 2

And so the saga continues in our adventures of learning about Ancient Greek pottery! You will probably have noticed that I chose to skip a few...

Rachel Witte 25 October 2018

Artist Stories

The Gentle Scottish Painter David Allan

If you like historical paintings and portraits, this article is for you. Today I want to introduce you to the Scottish painter David Allan who is...

Rute Ferreira 24 October 2018

Women Artists

This Is Madness: Beyoncé and Pipilotti Rist as Maenads

Hold on, what does Beyoncé's music clip and a modern video artwork have to do with Maenadism? [caption id="attachment_16689" align="aligncenter"...

Noa Weisberg 23 October 2018


Sense or Sensibility – Bridges of Santiago Calatrava

The recent announcement of the decision to replace the slippery glass panels on Ponte della Constituzione bridge in Venice, designed by Santiago...

Joanna Kaszubowska 22 October 2018

Masterpiece Stories

Claude Monet, Autumn Effects at Argenteuil

Claude Monet painted Autumn Effects at Argenteuil in late 1873, which was the moment when the Impressionist movement started to roar on the Paris art...

Zuzanna Stańska 21 October 2018

Art Travels

Florence’s Secret Spot: Colosso Dell’Appennino

A 30-minute drive from central Florence lies a true Tuscan secret: the sixteenth-century sculpture Colosso Dell'Appennino by Giambologna. [caption...

Noa Weisberg 20 October 2018

Chagall’s Artistic Battle with Malevich and the Forces of Suprematism

Marc Chagall and Kazimir Malevich have much in common. Both were artists. Both were deeply affected by the Russian Revolution. Almost everything is...

Howard Schwartz 19 October 2018

Artist Stories

The Angels’ Forge: Marrying Glass with Modern Art

This is a story of an Italian man who was a radiotelegraph operator, a bank cashier and a manual labourer extracting oils from wood. But then one day...

Magda Michalska 18 October 2018


Aesthetics and Romanticism: Scottish Art of the 18th Century

As someone who holds many interests, it is often difficult to decide on just one topic a week to write about. That being said, the topic of my...

Rachel Witte 17 October 2018

Contemporary Art

5 Best Contemporary Art Podcasts

Contemporary art podcasts usually discuss recently opened exhibitions, burning topics in the art world and document what is currently going on in...

Roma Piotrowska 15 October 2018

Masterpiece Stories

Edward Hopper, Soir Bleu

Loneliness in the crowd. We’re at a café somewhere in France. Seven people sat at the tables: a powdered prostitute, a clown with white make-up,...

Zuzanna Stańska 14 October 2018

Dine & Wine

Time For Tea in Paintings

One of the highlights of autumn is that drinking hot drinks is no longer looked down on and ordering a big cup of steaming hot cocoa instead of an...

Magda Michalska 12 October 2018