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Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week: Roy Lichtenstein, Artist’s Studio – The Dance

By July 12, 2020

Roy Lichtenstein was a famous American Pop artist, most well known for...

The best can-can paintings in Art History.

Art Nouveau

Moulin Rouge and the Folies Bergère: Best Can-Can Paintings in Art History

By July 11, 2020

Can-can paintings depict the most famous dance of La Belle Époque era....

  • 20th century

    Wyndham Lewis: Life, Art, War

    By November 30, 2017

    “Vorticism, in fact, was what I, personally, did and said at a certain period” Here speaketh the 20th century’s most spoiled, narcissist visionary, Percy Wyndham Lewis.  The self-described “novelist, painter, sculptor, philosopher, draughtsman, critic, politician, journalist, essayist, pamphleteer”...

  • Art History 101

    A Painterly Look Into Sculptors’ Studios

    By November 29, 2017

    Painting and sculpture have always had a rather complicated relationship, with artists arguing for the superiority of one or the other. Yet, in the 19th century, it appears that many painters were fascinated by sculptors, their studios and the...

  • 20th century

    Pablo Picasso And His Women

    By November 28, 2017

    Pablo Picasso perhaps the most influential and recognizable painter of the 20th century, is well known for his deep love and appreciation for women. Picasso did not have an easy relationship with women – he only loved them...

  • Museums And Exhibitions

    Running In Museums? Run with Martin Creed

    By November 27, 2017

    Have you ever entered a museum five minutes before closing and thus had to run to see as much as possible? Such a thing happened to Martin Creed, a contemporary British artist, who once in Sicily had to...

  • Video

    Watch This Digital Reinterpretation Of "’The Garden of Earthly Delights’"

    By November 26, 2017

    ‘PARADISE’ by Dutch company Studio Smack is a contemporary reinterpretation of the iconic Hieronymus Bosch’s painting ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights,’ Rendered in spectacular 4K animation, the video is based on the central panel of the famous triptych....

  • Painting of the Week

    Painting of the Week: Félix Vallotton, The Lie

    By November 25, 2017

    Today’s painting, created by Felix Vallotton (one of my favorite artists), was painted in 1897 – but it could just as easily be a scene staged today. A man and woman, intimately entwined on a sofa. I love...

  • 20th century

    The Last Landscape of William Langson Lathrop

    By November 24, 2017

       The landscape of Long Island, New York drew a host of American Impressionists and their associates from the late nineteenth century and into the early twentieth. The Shinnecock School, the first en plein air art school in...

  • 20th century

    The Art Of Thanksgiving By Norman Rockwell

    By November 23, 2017

    Norman Rockwell was a 20th-century American author, painter and illustrator. He is most famous for the cover illustrations of everyday life he created for The Saturday Evening Post magazine over nearly five decades. Some of them become national...

  • Artists' Stories

    Julie Manet – the Beauty of Impressionism

    By November 22, 2017

      Julie Manet – the Beauty of Impressionism – was the daughter of the wealthy, well-connected painter Berthe Morisot and Eugène Manet, the brother of the famous impressionist painter Édouard Manet. The muse’s mother was highly valued as...

  • Special Occasion And News

    Writers for Wanted!

    By November 21, 2017

    If you love art history… Love writing… Read and like what we do… We are looking for contributors! It doesn’t matter what you would like to write about, we need people interested in all art periods and...

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