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Meet Wojtek Siudmak, The Artist Who Inspired Villeneuve’s Dune

Errika Gerakiti 15 April 2024 min Read

Frank Herbert’s Dune is a complex universe, rich in cultural references and profound elements. Denis Villeneuve’s newest cinematic adaptation, Dune: Part Two has masterfully brought this universe to life, captivating audiences with its majestic portrayal. However, Villeneuve drew inspiration from another artist in crafting this film, particularly in terms of aesthetics. This artist was Wojtek Siudmak. He captured the essence of Herbert’s vision and his drawings gave life to Villeneuve’s film.

Who Is Wojtek Siudmak?

Wojtek Siudmak, born in 1942 in Wielun, Poland, is a renowned Polish painter and sculptor. From 1956 to 1961, he attended the Secondary Art School in Warsaw before furthering his education at the University of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In 1966, he moved to Paris to study at the École des Beaux-Arts. He has been living and working in France ever since.

Siudmak is celebrated as a prominent figure in the genre of fantastic realism. His artwork seamlessly blends surrealistic elements with naturalistic depictions, drawing inspiration from Salvador Dali, René Magritte, and De Chirico.  He creates a striking three-dimensional illusion of space in his paintings and drawings, skillfully manipulating light, shade, and perspective. His artistic style eschews rigid theories and trends. Instead, he showcases great skill, boundless imagination, and intellectual depth.


Insights into Siudmak’s Inspirations and Techniques

Wojtek Siudmak draws inspiration from many different things. When it comes to art, he deeply admires all the surrealists, including Salvador Dali and René Magritte. He is also fond of Hieronymus Bosch, Bernini, Michelangelo, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, William Blake, Dominique Ingres, and many others.

What’s interesting is that Siudmak is also fascinated by the universe and the work of physicists and astrophysicists. He finds that these scientists not make only new scientific discoveries, but also offer new perceptions of the Universe by providing new aesthetics and emotions. Moreover, he is inspired by Chopin’s music, and he listens to the Nocturnes frequently while he’s working.

In his paintings, he often uses the chiaroscuro technique, because it allows him to create the aforementioned illusion of a three-dimensional reality. Other elements of his artworks are the high contrasts, textures, shapes, motives, still lifes, architecture, botanical, fantastical beings, and technology. All these merge into a dreamy and surreal universe, that surpasses reality and takes us to a whole other world. After all, he has said:

Only dreams can surpass insurmountable barriers.

Wojtek Siudmak


Wojtek Siudmak’s Inspiration for Dune

Siudmak is quite popular in Poland for making artwork for Frank Herbert’s Dune series and Philip K. Dick’s novels (The Man in the High Castle, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, etc.). Bibliophiles and sci-fi bookworms can enjoy his drawings in the 44 overall volumes, published by the REBIS Publishing House. When it comes to Dune, however, there was an inspiration that hit him in an unlike place. It was a portrait of Chopin by Dominique Ingres in his father’s office that tickled him into delving into Herbert’s universe.

Wojtek Siudmak speaks highly of Frank Herbert and considers him one of the greatest authors of our time. His universe does not belong to one genre. It is bigger than all genres. Furthermore, according to Siudmak, the Dune universe does not limit the reader’s imagination. Instead, it sets it free and allows it to create its own imagery. Thus, Siudmak was very happy to create artworks for Dune, as a gift to this magnificent literary piece

As to why the artist chose drawing, it was because he thought it was the most profound and convenient way to engage with Herbert’s work. “Drawing is the essence of art,” and this exact path he followed.


This great master has accompanied me ever since his desert man with blue-within-blue eyes fixed his gaze on me. From that moment on, I have been suspended between the two worlds, ours and the reality conceived by Wojtek Siudmak.

Denis Villeneuve

If you want to learn more about this artist, watch the video below!

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