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Representation vs Reality: Artists Portrayed in Midnight in Paris. Part 2

By October 16, 2019

Once upon a time, Part 1 to this piece was written. Given...


The Artistic Inspiration of Balenciaga

By October 15, 2019

Cristóbal Balenciaga was the “Master of us all,” as Christian Dior said,...

  • Peonies (detail) by Matilda Browne Peonies (detail) by Matilda Browne

    Women Artists

    Matilda Browne, a Forgotten Female Impressionist

    By September 14, 2019

    Matilda Browne (1869-1947) was a successful artist in the early 20th century, but unfortunately, few people know her name or her art today. Matilda Browne showed promising artistic talent early in her life. Growing up in Newark, New...

  • Romanticism

    When Romanticism Meets Eruptions: Volcanoes in Paintings

    By September 13, 2019

    Active volcanoes are great places to visit, but the danger of a potential eruption is always there. When some of them erupted with artists as viewers, it led to spectacular paintings. Those demonstrations of the power of nature...

  • Indian Art

    Lakshmi in Art. The Goddess of Wealth

    By September 12, 2019

    Lakshmi is a prominent Hindu deity who is also revered by Buddhists and Jains. Her eminent position in the Hindu pantheon emanates not only from her role as the wife of Vishnu (the preserver of the Hindu trinity) but...

  • Artists' Stories

    The Dystopian Surrealism of Zdzislaw Beksinski

    By September 11, 2019

    There are many fans of gruesome and gore art who are attracted to the dystopian surrealism of Zdzisław Beksiński. After all, he created such a gothic, haunting and stressful ambience in his paintings, making it hard to look...

  • Artists' Stories

    Getting Your Teeth into Goya

    By September 10, 2019

    Goya was not a happy man when he painted Saturn Devouring His Son, some time between 1819 and 1823. By the time he created this painting, illness had made him deaf and his wife was dying, enough for any...

  • Bodies And Erotic Art

    Venus Vincit Omnia. Venus in Art

    By September 9, 2019

    Venus (also known by her Greek name Aphrodite) is the Goddess of Love. We’ve explored some famous Venus’ here. Next, Velázquez’s portrait put her onto the list of contenders for “Best Bums in Art.” Then there’s a discussion...

  • Ocean Breezes (detail) by Edward Henry Potthast Ocean Breezes (detail) by Edward Henry Potthast

    Painting of the Week

    Painting of the Week: Edward Henry Potthast, Ocean Breezes

    By September 8, 2019

    This week’s Painting of the Week is Ocean Breezes by Edward Henry Potthast. It’s a wonderfully vivid work, showing two girls and their mother caught up in the breeze at the beach. Standing in front of it, I...

  • Indian Modern Sculptors Indian Modern Sculptors


    Five Indian Modern Sculptors

    By September 7, 2019

    Modernism in India did straddle, sneaking lopsided avenue from the ancient to the present. The post-colonial art is typically mentioned as Modern art because many Indian artists had begun their sojourn of westernised abstract expressionism. India became independent...

  • Animals

    Henry Moore’s Sheep

    By September 6, 2019

    Henry Spencer Moore was an English sculptor and artist. His forms are usually abstract human figures, often depicting mother-and-child or reclining figures. His sculptures can be found across the world. Although his primary role was as a sculptor, there...

  • Tiara, England, ca 1850, © Victoria and Albert Museum, London - jewelry Tiara, England, ca 1850, © Victoria and Albert Museum, London - jewelry


    Natural Shine – Nature Inspired Jewelry from Victoria and Albert Museum

    By September 5, 2019

    The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has a fantastic collection of jewelry. This time we will take a look at the pieces inspired by natural forms. Nature-inspired jewelry, decorated with clearly recognizable flowers or fruit, emerged with...

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