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  • Ways in Which Art Can Fight Climate Change

    By November 14, 2020

    In the last few years people, especially the new generations, have raised their voices as they understood that there was not much time left to save their future. Scientists had warned us about the melting of glaciers, the...

  • Online Art Travels: An Ultimate Banksy City Guide for 2020

    By October 27, 2020

    Nowadays everyone knows Banksy. They actually know his name and his art, since he still remains anonymous. Many wrote and write about him, his identity, his artistic portfolio, and the meanings behind it. This article would be different...

  • Tattoos – Ancient Ink to Modern Celebrity

    By September 13, 2020

    Love them or loathe them, tattoos are a global phenomenon. Inserting pigment under the skin for decorative or ritualistic purposes has been around since prehistoric times. Tattooing is a close relative of scarification and piercing, and examples exist...

  • Pride in the Pandemic: Remembering Keith Haring, Our Rainbow Angel

    By June 30, 2020

    If life is a moving picture, then the current pandemic would be one of the darkest chapters. We are witnessing death, experiencing claustrophobia or alienation, and losing track of time. Today, living in such a dark time, we...

  • Alla Horska. Die Hard

    By May 2, 2020

    Ukrainian artist Alla Horska created dozens of amazing mosaics and paintings while actively fighting with the crimes of the Soviet authorities against the intelligentsia. For this reason, she has often been called the soul of the Sixtiers. Alla...

  • Disney Figures in Art that Make You Think Twice

    By October 25, 2019

    Who doesn’t like Disney characters? They are cute, sweet, and adorable. They also represent an ideal image and simplify our world view. That’s fine in children’s movies, but some artists use Disney characters to portray their criticism of...

  • Elliot Tupac mural Elliot Tupac mural

    The Art of Latin American Lettering

    By April 15, 2019

    Latin American lettering is a legacy of craft-based traditions with a strong design and vibrant colors enhanced by an aesthetic with a rich indigenous identity and history. Cartelismo Popular Craft in the USA and Europe are different than in...

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