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  • dede tel aviv street art; Tel Aviv’s Street Artists dede tel aviv street art; Tel Aviv’s Street Artists

    Meet Tel Aviv’s Street Artists

    By December 18, 2018

    Tel Aviv is home to many great art institutions, for example the Tel Aviv Museum. But it also hosts local artists who boldly turn streets into their own art galleries. Most of them are working under a pseudonym...

  • The Story Of Collingwood Mural of Keith Haring

    By May 8, 2018

    In 1984 American artist Keith Haring visited Australia and created a mural in Collingwood, Melbourne. This is the story of the mural, at what was then the Collingwood Technical School, which is now one of only 31 known murals...

  • banksy turkish artist banksy turkish artist

    Banksy Protests Turkish Artist’s Imprisonment With A New Mural in NYC

    By March 19, 2018

    Banksy, probably the most famous and political engaged graffiti artist in the world stroke again – this time in New York City with two new works painted on NYC’s walls. The first, unveiled via his official Instagram account, depicts...

  • Florence Street Art Full Of Classic Art

    By April 10, 2017

    Florence street art may be something you don’t expect to see when you visit this beautiful city. But recently I’ve visited Florence and while wandering its streets full of Renaissance architecture I’ve spotted something very unexpected. Street Art inspired...

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