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  • All You Must Know About Japanese Erotic Art, Shunga (18+)

    By February 16, 2017

    “Ukiyo-e” pictures, pictures of the “floating world.” are famous among everyone interested in art history. Everyone knows Hokusai’s “The Great Wave of Kanagawa”. “Ukiyo-e” became also very popular among artists from the second half of the 19th century. With their...

  • Japanese Woodblock Prints Ukiyo-e With Snow And Winter

    By December 21, 2016

    Woodblock prints were initially used as early as the eighth century in Japan to disseminate texts, especially Buddhist scriptures In 1765, new technology made it possible to produce single-sheet prints in a whole range of colors. Woodblock printing had...

  • Hokusai’s (Thirty) Six Views of Mount Fuji

    By August 11, 2016

    Everyone knows The Great Wave off Kanagawa, the print created by the Japanese ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusai. But not everyone knows that The Great Wave comes from a series of forty six prints, depicting the views of Mount Fuji from different locations...

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