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  • geek art geek art

    Geek Art

    By May 25, 2019

    The geek-art community has an affluent and acquisitive sub culture that has a seemingly insatiable thirst for paintings, models and sculptures. Pop culture, fantasy literature, comic books, manga, sci fi and cult movies – all of these have...

  • Elliot Tupac mural Elliot Tupac mural

    The Art of Latin American Lettering

    By April 15, 2019

    Latin American lettering is a legacy of craft-based traditions with a strong design and vibrant colors enhanced by an aesthetic with a rich indigenous identity and history. Cartelismo Popular Craft in the USA and Europe are different than in...

  • Prehistoric Sculpture Prehistoric Sculpture

    Sacred Signs – Prehistoric Sculpture

    By April 9, 2019

    It seems that forming figurative shapes out of natural materials has always been with us. As humans developed, a bigger, more sophisticated brain allowed for more processing power and higher functions such as language and creative expression. Prehistoric...

  • Art of the Brick – Nathan Sawaya’s Lego Works

    By March 27, 2019

    Lego springs to mind as one of the key toys of many people’s childhoods. Whether building houses, spacecrafts or just stepping on that elusive piece, most people have some kind of experience with the little plastic building blocks....

  • Medici. Rich Sinners Medici. Rich Sinners

    The Medici. Rich Sinners or Saintly Rulers?

    By March 19, 2019

    The Medici were one of the richest family dynasties that ever lived and perhaps the most influential patrons of the arts in history. For it was their great wealth and patronage from which the Renaissance of art and...

  • The Muse Throughout Art History: Inspiration, Love, and Friendship

    By January 26, 2019

    In terms of Ancient Greek mythology, the term muse refers to nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, with each daughter having her own attribute, which reflected the desire for musical and artistic inspiration as well the desire for...

  • Art of Ships Figureheads Art of Ships Figureheads

    Wild Women of the Waves – Art of Ships Figureheads

    By January 10, 2019

    A figurehead is a carved and painted figure ornamenting the bow of a ship (that’s the front to us landlubbers!). For thousands of years people have been carving and imaginatively decorating the vessels in which they take to...

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