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Picnic Time! Best Picnic Inspirations From Art

Magda Michalska 20 March 2021 min Read

The days are getting warmer and longer and all I can think about are picnics and barbecues; when the sun is shining, the grass is green and birds are singing; when the basket is full of yummy sandwiches and bottles of home-made compote. If you’re planning a spring eat-out with your friends and family but want to do it differently than usual, take a glimpse at these picnic inspirations from art!

Artsy Picnic Inspiration 1

Picnic Inspirations Art: Pierre Bonnard, Hamburg Picnic,
Best picnic inspirations from art: Pierre Bonnard, Hamburg Picnic, 1908 – 1912, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

How about a picnic by the river, while watching a rowing race? That’s a recipe for a delightful afternoon by Pierre Bonnard, a founder of the Post-impressionist group called Nabis, which worked in Paris.

Artsy Picnic Inspiration 2

Picnic Inspirations Art: Fernando Botero, Picnic, 1989
Best picnic inspirations from art: Fernando Botero, Picnic, 1989, private collection. Widewalls.

Fernando Botero, a contemporary Colombian artist offers us a picnic in his usual exaggerated-volume style. This picnic seems so relaxed at first gaze, a healthy basket filled with fruit and vegetables, napping somewhere in the wilderness. It’s on the second gaze that we notice the hand of the smoking lady and the unsettling eruption of a volcano in the background.

Artsy Picnic Inspiration 3

Picnic Inspirations Art: William Merritt Chase, The Open Air Breakfast
Best picnic inspirations from art: William Merritt Chase, The Open Air Breakfast, 1888, Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, OH, USA. Wikimedia Commons.

Breakfast in a hammock? Is there anything more relaxing than a Sunday brunch in your garden? Just remember next time to put up a Japanese screen to make it look more Impressionist!

Artsy Picnic Inspiration 4

Picnic Inspirations Art: Paul Cezanne, Luncheon on the Grass
Best picnic inspirations from art: Paul Cezanne, Luncheon on the Grass, 1869, private collection. Wikimedia Commons.

In case you are a student on a budget, use inspiration from Cezanne’s interpretation of Manet’s Luncheon on the Grass. Just bring what you’ve got, which in this case means many friends and a couple of oranges.

Artsy Picnic Inspiration 5

Picnic Inspirations Art: Claude Monet, The Luncheon
Best picnic inspirations from art: Claude Monet, The Luncheon, 1873, Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France.

I love the feeling when the picnic is finished and everyone is full and happy, children play outside, adults go for a walk and the wind dances with the tablecloth and women’s hats.

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