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Happy Birthday, Kate!

Maya M. Tola 3 June 2020 min Read

This is an unusual feature and probably the only one in DailyArt Magazine history that will also come as a surprise to our beloved Editor-in-chief, Dr. Kate Wojtczak.

For our readers who may have wondered who keeps the wheels of our magazine turning, meet Kate!  She is a passionate art historian with a Ph.D. on the 19th-century civil engineer and architect of the city of Gdansk, Julius Albert Licht.  Apart from being an attentive and meticulous editor, she is a wonderful person with a great sense of humor, a passion for travel, a great appreciation for nature, of course, she also loves animals!

kate wojtczak dailyart magazine
Dr. Kate Wojtczak

Today is Kate’s birthday and we want to give her a special birthday wish…. through art!

We wish you warm sunshine

Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida, Capturing the Moment, 1906, Museo Sorolla, Madrid.

Read more about this beautiful painting by Joaquín Sorolla here.

Good Fortune

Wood Maneki Neko, ca. 20th century, Mingei International Museum, SFO Museum.

Did you know the origins of the Maneki-neko? Read more here.

Peaceful sleep

Frederic Leighton, Flaming June, ca. 1895. Museo de Arte de Ponce

Here is more about Kate’s favorite painting.

A garden full of flowers

Jozef Mehoffer, Strange Garden, 1902-1903, National Museum in Warsaw

Read about Jozef Mehoffer’s ‘Strange Garden’ here.

Maybe a cat (or a few)…

Louis Wain, The Bachelor Party, ca. 1939. Bonhams/ Wikimedia Commons.

If you like cats, check out this article!

Some dogs…

Adolf Eberle, Feeding the Dogs, Germany. Christies/ Wikimedia Commons.

Here is a look at dogs in art!

Travel to far off and exotic lands

Stanhope Alexander Forbes, The Terminus, Penzance Station, Cornwall, ca. 1925. National Railway Museum, York, UK. Photo via

Check out these paintings of railway stations from the golden age of train travel.

with immaculate beaches

Pablo Picasso, Two Women Running on the Beach, ca. 1922. Wikimedia Commons.

These paintings will make you dream of a beach vacation!

Grand mountains

Caspar David Friedrich, Wanderer above the Sea of Fog, ca. 1817. Wikimedia Commons.

Read more about Caspar David Friedrich’s most famous works here.

Endless visits to Museums

Stanley Cursiter, The Interior of the National Museum of Scotland, ca. 1938, National Galleries of Scotland

In case you were wondering why you should visit museums, read more here.

and most importantly, happy and joyful times!

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Luncheon of the Boating Party, ca. 1881, The Phillips Collection, Washington

Read more about Renoir’s painting here.

Thank you for all that you do, Kate, and have a very happy birthday!


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