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  • Artist Interview: Anita Yan Wong and Lingnan Painting

    By August 19, 2020

    Lingnan style guo hua is an early 19th century style of Chinese painting, from Lingnan in the Southern region of China. Its origins are a revolutionary mix of new knowledge from both Japanese painting and Western art. Professor Anita...

  • Modern Sports Played in Ancient China

    By July 22, 2020

    The history of Chinese sports can be traced back over thousands of years, revealing many achievements, innovations, and surprises. We think about some of the sports as modern, however, they were played in ancient China. For example, the...

  • Chinese New Year – the Art of Celebration

    By January 25, 2020

    Imagine a household celebrating the Chinese New Year where children share a home and joyfully play together. They have different kinds of toys to play with; two children play with a puppet hanging from a pole, like out...

  • The Growing Terracotta Army

    By January 22, 2020

    When people mention the terracotta army, the first thing that comes to mind is the phrase “the eighth wonder of the world”. It is a symbol of China’s thousands of years of culture. The First Emperor’s terracotta army...

  • cranes hovering over the palace cranes hovering over the palace

    Chinese Traditional Painting: Interesting Stories

    By January 2, 2020

    Traditional Chinese paintings are known for their distinctive style. When did Chinese painting begin and how to read it? What did it mean for the artists? Did they simply respond to and try to capture the world around...

  • A Feeling of Nostalgia: Art by Fu Wenjun

    By June 8, 2019

    For centuries, China was one of the greatest and wealthiest civilizations, and perhaps it is now returning to its historical position. Artist Fu Wenjun witnessed the recent rapid changes and that’s why his art is positioned on the...

  • Contemporary Art. Made in China Contemporary Art. Made in China

    Contemporary Art. Made in China

    By May 20, 2019

    Chinese art is booming. The country has been experiencing a major economic uplift for more than a decade and you can feel that in the art world too. China has more artists than ever, and they claim that...

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