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  • Ancient Greek Kouros and Kore Ancient Greek Kouros and Kore

    The Ancient Greek Kouros and Kore

    By January 14, 2019

    Classical Greek statues depicting male and female bodies are iconic, legendary and set the standards for numerous artists and art movements to come. Preceding the Classical Era, was the Archaic (7th-5th c. BCE) during which statues of young...

  • Blues of Bablyon: The Ishtar Gate

    By December 7, 2018

    Babylon, the ancient Mesopotamian city (modern day Iraq) existed from 18th century to 6th century BCE. Since that time its legend has generated many myths – the Hanging Gardens, the Tower of Babel, and biblical interpretations added to...

  • The A to Z of Ancient Greek Pottery Terms Pt 2

    By October 25, 2018

    And so the saga continues in our adventures of learning about Ancient Greek pottery! You will probably have noticed that I chose to skip a few letters of the alphabet in this article and the previous one on...

  • bust of queen Nefertiti bust of queen Nefertiti

    Egypt and Berlin’s Icon: The Bust of Queen Nefertiti

    By October 16, 2018

    The bust of Queen Nefertiti housed in Berlin’s Neues Museum is one of Ancient Egypt’s most famous works of art. A prime example of ancient artistry, this icon has been called “the most beautiful woman in the world”....

  • Greek Stylistic Periods Greek Stylistic Periods

    Some Things to Know about the Ancient Greek Stylistic Periods

    By October 3, 2018

    There are four general Ancient Greek stylistic periods. Different, note-worthy styles, influences from invading cultures and their lasting effects on the art of Ancient Greece characterize each period. *Below is a generalization of the major Ancient Greek stylistic periods.*...

  • Persephone and Hades, art in Ancient Greece Persephone and Hades, art in Ancient Greece

    Persephone and the Pomegranate: Art in Ancient Greece

    By September 24, 2018

    How has a simple, yet beautiful fruit, been the centre of attention throughout history? The pomegranate is symbolic in many cultures and religions, not just art in Ancient Greece. But for the purpose of this post, the intersection...

  • The Parthenon mythology The Parthenon mythology

    The Parthenon Mythology and Architecture

    By September 17, 2018

    Mythology is a pretty broad topic in Ancient Greek history. And even more so is the use of mythological figures in Ancient Greek art. From pottery to sculptures, we can see that the Ancient Greeks were inspired by...

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