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  • Keeping up with the Boys: Abstract Expressionist Helen Frankenthaler

    By April 29, 2020

    It’s often the men of Abstract Expressionism who are best known: Jackson Pollock and his famous “drip” technique; Willem de Kooning’s abstract women; Mark Rothko’s colorful rectangles. Yet it’s Frankenthaler who, after seeing what Pollock was doing, decided...

  • 10 Blue Yves Klein Masterpieces You Must Know

    By April 28, 2020

    On this day, April 28th in 1928, Yves Klein was born, a French artist and the leading member of the French artistic movement of Nouveau Réalisme. Klein was a pioneer in the development of performance art and a...

  • Exploring Place with Emily Thomas

    By April 17, 2020

    Emily Thomas is a 24 years old, British emerging artist. Her bright and vibrant sculptural work is distinctive and abstract at first glance. However, it is also richly embedded in a sense of place. In this article, we...

  • Simon Hantaï: A Journey to Abstraction

    By January 7, 2020

    Simon Hantaï was a Franco-Hungarian painter whose work is marked by a reflection on painting techniques. In an evolution that carried his art to abstraction he crossed path with several art movements (Surrealism in particular), techniques, and materials....

  • Dan Flavin: Art is Thought and Fluorescent Lights

    By December 17, 2019

    Dan Flavin (1993-1996) was an American artist and pioneer of Minimalism. He is famous for making sculptural objects and installations from fluorescent lights. “I like art as thought better than art as work… It’s important to me that...

  • This Looks Out of Tune!? Finding Dissonance in Kandinsky’s Paintings

    By November 27, 2019

    Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky painted some of the most beautiful pieces of art, in a style that is instantly recognisable. The flurry of lines, colours and shapes, demonstrates an ability to enchant art lovers without representing any recognisable forms,...

  • The Works of Yves Klein: Lover of Blue

    By October 22, 2019

    Yves Klein was born in late April of 1928 in Nice, France. His mother, Marie Raymond, was a renowned member of the Art Informel movement, which involved abstract styles and gesture painting. His father, Fred Klein, was known...

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