Best Art Books for Little Artists

Dévra Taboada 9 August 2020 min Read

Learning about art history can be fun! It can stimulate children's imaginations and set them off on their own artistic journeys, whilst teaching them some useful techniques along the way. Here, we have selected four more books that will help get little artists started on their new and exciting creative adventures!

Children are naturally curious and creative, and in the following books they will find a whole new world of art inspired activities which will help them make art in a playful and entertaining way.

1. Great Art for Little Hands: Coloring Book Series

Prestel has created a noteworthy series of coloring books by different authors. Each one is dedicated to the masterpieces of a great artist. Besides stimulating the interest of kids about the art universe, these books are designed to give them plenty of space to color outside the lines and to use their creativity no matter what their age!

Boticelli Colouring Book
Best Art Books for Little Artists: Boticelli Colouring Book. Prestel.

2. The Power of a Pencil

This incredible book is impeccably put together by illustrator, Guy Field, and is published by Pavilion. It is a practical and playful book teaching the basic principles of drawing and also helps guide children about which materials to choose. It contains helpful tips and tricks to help along the way.

As well as that, it revisits the work of important artistic icons like, Leonardo Da Vinci, and uncovers the secrets of more advanced techniques such as using tracing paper and drawing a perfect freehand circle.

Marion Deuchars magnificently created the following two books. In both cases, they are aimed at children aged eight and older and are published by Laurence King,

3. Draw, Paint, Print like Great Artists

In this activity book, Deuchars encourages young people to try out the actual techniques used by 30 well-known artists in their most famous works of art. There is a short introduction to each artist, easy to understand facts, followed by creative projects, based on the artist's signature style, that readers can try out for themselves.

Draw, Paint, Print like the Great Artist
Best Art Books for Little Artists: Draw, Paint, Print like the Great Artists. Amazon.
Draw, Paint, Print like the Great Artist
Best Art Books for Little Artists: Draw, Paint, Print like the Great Artists. Amazon.

4. Let’s Make Some Great Art

Lastly, this fourth book allows children to discover what art can be. Principally, the suggested activities guide the reader through what art could mean for them, and also, what it has meant for people through the ages.

There are step by step instructions in how to draw, as well as activities designed to stimulate ideas and spark the creative imaginations of kids. The emphasis is very much upon fun and making the creation of art a channel for self- expression.

Let's Make Some Great Art.
Best Art Books for Little Artists: Let's Make Some Great Art. Laurence King.
Let's Make Some Great Art
Best Art Books for Little Artists: Let's Make Some Great Art. Laurence King.

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