Best Books for Little Art Historians

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Can you remember what your first experience with art was? Books can be an easy and fun way to stimulate children's abilities and interests. We have selected four great art books for different ages for small art historians!

Children are like blank canvases that come with many colors and different brushes just waiting to be painted. Consequently, as adults we must encourage and help them to use their tools in their own way to create their style, feeling free to express what they are. With this in mind, we can give them a helping hand to mix new colors and develop their imagination through art books!

Art History Books for Children

1. Katie & Art

This series of sixteen books is about a little girl, Katie, who is an art adventurer. This is because in each book she goes on a new adventure in which she explores the masterpieces of great artists.

Cover of the book Katie and the Impressionists.
Art history books for children: Katie and the Impressionists. National Gallery UK Shop.

The books are written by James Mayhew, published by Orchard Books, and have successfully taught children about art for 25 years. Written for children in preschool and kindergarten this series contains stories about different art movements and paintings, but also has other things like puzzles, stickers, and more in order to engage the young minds!

2. 13 Things Children Should Know

This second series allows children between eight and twelve years old to learn about well-know artists, paintings, movements, sculptures, art techniques, inventions, and so much more.

Cover of the book 13 Women Artists Children Should Know. There are three illustration of canvas divided in tracks and the title is wrote in a yellow track
Art history books for children: 13 Women Artists Children Should Know. Prestel.

Each book also includes different activities such as quizzes, puzzles, and games. Moreover, there are around 21 books in this series, they were written by multiple authors, and published by Prestel. 

3. Why Is Art Full of Naked People?

This book prompts questions that children (and adults) ask about art. For that reason, they have a provocative approach that offers an introduction to art history from cave paintings to contemporary art.

Cover of the book Why Art Is Full of Naked People? There are two children in the museum and the title is wrote in the centre of the picture in a canvas
Art history books for children: Why Art Is Full of Naked People? Thames and Hudson.

Above all, the book enables children between eight and twelve years old to feel confident in asking questions, searching for answers, and interpreting art by themselves. This fascinating book was written by Susie Hodge and illustrated by Clarie Goble, and published by Thames & Hudson.

4. The Art Book for Children (One and Two) 

Due to the success of the best-selling The Art Book, Phaidon also published two editions for kids. In this case, the first volume presents 30 of the most significant artists from all periods. Following the success of the first, the second volume exhibits 30 new artists from the Renaissance to the present day. 

The Art Book for Children
Art history books for children: The Art Book for Children. Phaidon.

The books are full of artist's illustrations and are accompanied by fun and engaging text that invites children to look more closely at each piece of art. However, these books are recommended for children thirteen years old and up.

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