Watch Edward Hopper in Rare Studio Footage

Zuzanna Stańska 23 May 2024 min Read

This rare documentary footage shows artist Edward Hopper painting in his studio on Washington Square North in New York in 1965, two years before he passed away. You can also see his wife, Josephine, who was also a painter and a model for most of his paintings.

edward hopper footage: Young Josephine and Edward Hopper.
Young Josephine and Edward Hopper. Arthive.

This footage is an exquisite chance to get into the artist’s private life:

Today, you can visit Edward Hopper’s studio that you saw in the footage. The Edward Hopper Studio is to be found in its original location, 3 Washington Square North in New York, where the artist lived and worked from 1913 until 1967 when he died. The site has been preserved since and is owned by NYU Silver School of Social Work.

If you want to learn more about Edward Hopper, please check out his masterpiece Sea Watchers or our story about his drawings that will blow your mind!

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