Abstract Expressionism

Watch Kandinsky Drawing On A Rare Footage From 1926

Zuzanna Stańska 6 May 2017 min Read

In 1926, filmmaker Hans Cürlis, a pioneer in making of art documentaries. took the rare footage above of the Russian abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky drawing at the Galerie Neumann-Nierendorf in Berlin. Kandinsky was about 49 years old at the time, and teaching at the Bauhaus. It was the same year he published his second major treatise, On Point and Line to Plane. The contrasting straight lines and curves that Kandinsky paints in the movie are typical of this period. Just watch, how the great artist leads his brush: In the early 1920s Kandinsky returned from Russia to Germany. Then his works got a characteristic geometricity, more space started to appear on the canvas, and the spontaneity gave way to the order. Fascinated by the educational process and the theoretical work in Bauhaus, the painter continued his research on the interaction and the influence of the main elements of the canvas, the colours and forms. I wish this footage was in color!

Find out more about Kandinsky drawing:

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