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Watch This 8 Original Video Footages With Geniuses Of Modern Art

Zuzanna Stańska 25 July 2016 min Read

It is easy to forget that modern artist we admire where real human beings and some of them, even those who you wouldn't expect, like Monet or Renoir, were filmed. Here we have collected 8 video footages presenting great artists at work, at home, or while being interviewed. I especially love Frida but the others are equally fantastic!

1. Claude Monet at Work, 1914

2. Pierre-Auguste Renoir painting, 1915

3. Auguste Rodin sculpting in his studio

4. Interview with Marcel Duchamp

5. Marc Chagall working on a series of stained glass

6. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera in their house

7. 1970 Salvador Dali and eggs. Surreal as you would expect.

8. Henri Matisse making a paper cut out


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