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  • Peek Into The Court: Stunning Qajar Portraits

    By January 19, 2018

    I’m sure you’re well acquainted with European royal portraiture. But have you ever seen portraits of rulers from beyond Europe? I want to show you a stunning example from Persia, contemporary Iran. Time for Qajar portraits of Fath...

  • Meet Persian Leonardo – Bihzad

    By November 17, 2017

    Mainstream art history often brushes off the artists who do not originate from Western Europe and North America. The masterpiece ‘canon’ barely includes any non-western art, and all the Old Masters are European, too. At DailyArtDaily we want...

  • The Art of Mihrab – little masterpieces of Islamic art

    By October 11, 2017

    What is a mihrab? It’s a typically semi-circular niche in the mosque. It’s usually inserted in the centre of the Quibla wall, the wall which points towards Mecca, the holy direction of Muslim prayer. With time, mihrabs turned from...

  • These 4 Mosques Will Make You Adore Islamic Architecture

    By August 3, 2016

    At the moment, Islam is a difficult topic to talk about. Yet art is beyond all that. We want to show you how beautiful and unique buildings Islam has created for us. Here are the wonders of Islamic architecture: 1....

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