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Join A Visit To Anish Kapoor Studio

Zuzanna Stańska 29 September 2017 min Read

Over 20 years after artist and sculptor Anish Kapoor moved into an old dairy factory in south London, Caseyfierro Architects has transformed the entire street block into a series of studios, workshops and galleries. It took architects Michael Casey and Victoria Fierro five years to renovate the buildings without disturbing the day-to-day workings of Kapoor.

Anish Kapoor is one of the most influential sculptors of his generation. Perhaps most famous for public sculptures that are both adventures in form and feats of engineering, he manoeuvres between vastly different scales, across numerous series of work.

In this video you can watch how Kapoor’s studio looks inside and listen how he sells his work for millions around the world from a sprawling studio in south London.


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