#Rosalba Carriera

Women Artists

Women Artists of Venice: A New Initiative in Research and Conservation

Soon, the historical female artists of Venice will finally get their due! A new initiative, Women Artists of Venice, aims to restore artworks by at...

Alexandra Kiely 8 October 2021

Art State of Mind

Paintings within Paintings: Time to Go Meta in the Art World

A few weeks ago, the art world celebrated the complete restoration of Vermeer’s Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window. It turns out that on...

Jimena Escoto 3 October 2021


Rosalba Carriera: The Accomplished Pastellist

Do you know the great Rococo portraitist Rosalba Carriera? She was one of the most famous painters of the early 18th century. Rosalba Carriera became...

Maia Heguiaphal 1 March 2021


Everything You Need to Know About Venetian Rococo Art

Venetian Rococo was an integral part of the 18th-century art-life. The period in Italian history and culture lasting from 1700 to 1799 is called as...

Kateryna Martynova 4 February 2021