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  • An Interview with Emily Thomas

    By May 25, 2020

    Emily Thomas is a 24 year old, British, emerging artist. At first glance, her bright and vibrant sculptural work is distinctive and abstract. In a previous article, Exploring Place with Emily Thomas, we looked at Thomas’ artworks from Tainan,...

  • Nikko Toshogu Shrine

    By April 30, 2020

    Among one of the most scenic areas of Japan, in the middle of the Honshu island, and at the foot of the Mt. Nantai volcano, lies the small city of Nikko. Besides the beautiful surroundings, it is known...

  • Exploring Place with Emily Thomas

    By April 17, 2020

    Emily Thomas is a 24 years old, British emerging artist. Her bright and vibrant sculptural work is distinctive and abstract at first glance. However, it is also richly embedded in a sense of place. In this article, we...

  • Steven Penton - Notre-Dame de Paris restoration cover Steven Penton - Notre-Dame de Paris restoration cover

    Notre-Dame de Paris – One Year Later

    By April 15, 2020

    On April 15, 2019, the world watched in horror as fire swept through the famous cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris. For several heartbreaking hours, it seemed likely that this beloved church would be destroyed. In the end, the...

  • Art Travels: Bayon Temple, Cambodia

    By April 3, 2020

    The Bayon Temple is located at the heart of Angkor Thom and served as the state temple of the Emperor Jayavarman VII. It is a mountain temple built to represent Mount Meru – the center of the universe...

  • The Timeless Prints of William Morris & the Arts and Crafts Movement

    By March 31, 2020

    If you are stuck at home these days, you are probably looking for ways to spruce up your home. By extension, that means you are in dire need of some interior design inspiration. Now, more than ever, is...

  • Once Upon a Time in Moscow: Pertsov’s House, a Russian Terem Amidst Modern Buildings

    By March 20, 2020

    This building from the art-nouveau era is a sight for sore eyes! Pertsov’s house is an interesting example of Russian classical folk influences combined with 20th century architecture. Pertsov’s Apartment House is one of the most famous buildings...

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