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Masterpiece Story: The Acapulco Chair

Lisa Scalone 11 July 2024 min Read

The Acapulco chair, with its unmistakable egg-shaped silhouette and PVC cord weaving, has become synonymous with Mexico’s vibrant culture and relaxed coastal vibes. While its exact origins are shrouded in myth and mystery, one thing is certain: this iconic piece of furniture has captured the hearts of design enthusiasts worldwide.

Who’s the Inventor?

Legend has it that a French tourist, inspired by the intricate weaving of Mayan hammocks, conceptualized the Acapulco chair in the 1950s as a solution to the sweltering tropical heat. However, the chair’s true genesis may be more nuanced, rooted in the vibrant energy of Acapulco during its heyday as a playground for Hollywood’s elite.

Acapulco chair: Movie poster of Fun in Acapulco, 1963. Wikipedia.

Movie poster of Fun in Acapulco, 1963. Wikipedia.

During the 1940s to the 1970s, Acapulco was the epitome of glamour, attracting celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, and the Kennedys. Its sun-drenched terraces, tropical cocktails, and panoramic bay views set the stage for unforgettable moments, immortalized in films like Elvis Presley’s Fun in Acapulco.

The Unmistakable Design

The Acapulco chair, with its simple yet ingenious design, embodies the essence of outdoor relaxation. Crafted with a steel frame and PVC cords, it combines durability with comfort, offering a stylish seating solution for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Its timeless appeal lies in its adaptability, seamlessly blending retro charm with modern flair.

Acapulco chair: Photo by Lionel Gustave on Unsplash.

Photo by Lionel Gustave on Unsplash.

While its origins may be debated, one thing remains clear: the Acapulco chair is an emblem of the Mexican soul. From its humble beginnings on Mexican beaches to its global recognition in prestigious museums like the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Centre Pompidou in Paris, this chair has transcended boundaries and captivated admirers worldwide.

Acapulco chair: De Castelli, Thinking of Acapulco. De Castelli.

De Castelli, Thinking of Acapulco. De Castelli.

Today, contemporary designers continue to reinterpret the Acapulco chair, infusing it with new materials, colors, and finishes while staying true to its original style. One of the latest takes on its classic design is the one by Kenneth Cobonpue, which is reminiscent of a Star Wars Imperial TIE fighter.

Acapulco chair: Designs by Kenneth Cobonpue. YankoDesign.

Designs by Kenneth Cobonpue. YankoDesign.

Whether lounging by the poolside or adding a pop of color to a minimalist interior, the Acapulco chair remains a timeless classic, inviting us to embrace the laid-back spirit of Acapulco wherever we are.

How It’s Made

As we celebrate the enduring legacy of the Acapulco chair, let us not forget its roots in Mexican craftsmanship and culture. By supporting local artisans and embracing authentic designs, we not only enrich our spaces but also honor the traditions that have inspired generations of creatives. So, whether you’re sipping margaritas on a sunny terrace or cozying up indoors, let the Acapulco chair be your companion in relaxation and style.

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