Watch Nicole Kidman as John Singer Sargent’s Sitters

Zuzanna Stańska 7 October 2023 min Read

In June 1999, Nicole Kidman was featured on the cover of Vogue. She was photographed and posed in a number of John Singer Sargent re-imaginings by the Vogue’s photographer, Steven Meisel. Some of the photos are clear homages, while others are a little more imaginative. All are absolutely beautiful, and I encourage you to look into them. I’m posting a couple right here for your enjoyment. You will find all the classics, including the famous Madame X.

Steven Meisel’s photographs pay homage to Sargent in more than one way. The photographs seem to capture some of Nicole Kidman’s personality as well. To quote the cover heading, she appears both “fearless and fabulous.” This is what Sargent was famous of too – capturing conscious realism and his attention to not only detail, but the characters of his sitters. Furthermore, Meisel’s creative reinterpretations of Sargent’s iconic works provide a fascinating contemporary perspective on the timeless allure of these classic portraits.


Madame X

nicole kidman sargent

Mrs Carl Meyer and Her Children

sargent vogue

Lady Agnew

nicole kidman sargent vogue 1999

Mrs John Chapman

Nicole Kidman Sargent

Mrs George Swinton

Nicole Kidman Sargent

Mrs Charles E. Inches

nicole kidman sargent vogue 1999

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