Charles Fazzino – Superbowl’s Officially Licensed Artist

Maya M. Tola 2 February 2020 min Read

America’s biggest sporting event has its own official artist!

Charles Fazzino is a gifted artist from New York, best known for his incredibly detailed contemporary pop art. His unique three-dimensional artworks are exhibited and sold in art shows, galleries, and museums all over the world. He has created his signature three-dimensional works for major cultural and sporting events and holds the enviable position of the National Football League’s (NFL) officially licensed commemorative artist.

Fazzino has rendered artwork for every Super Bowl since the 2001 Super Bowl XXXV in Tampa, Florida!

Charles Fazzino, Superbowl LIV Poster, 2020 © Charles Fazzino/Published by Museum Editions, Ltd./

Artistic Influences

Fazzino was born and raised in New York. As the son of a sculptor and a shoe designer, his foray into the arts began early in his life. He took his first formal art class when he was in the 7th grade in 1967 and had his first solo art exhibition at Pelham High School in the following year. He often accompanied his mother to art shows and put up his own display at the Bedford Hills Outdoor Arts Show in 1971.

After he graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York, he stumbled upon a paper tole technique class in Florida that inspired his now iconic style. Fazzino has since developed a unique silkscreen serigraph technique that he has now used for over 30 years. He has described the process as involving his doodles as a child, his knowledge of printmaking and his love for pop-out books.

Charles Fazzino
Charles Fazzino, The Sun Shines Bright Over the Big Apple © Charles Fazzino/Published by Museum Editions, Ltd./

Pop Culture Historian

Fazzino’s three-dimensional works are whimsical, vibrant and incredibly intricate. His works tell a story, they form a record of popular culture by the depiction of a broad range of narrative works that include modern celebrities, urban landscapes, leisure activities and of course, sporting events. People who have owned his artworks for years continue to find new details in his works that they hadn’t noticed before. Fazzino strives to remind people of who they are through his work. His art is bright and uplifting and also incredibly sentimental – and doesn’t require an art education to understand.

Charles Fazzino, For a Better World © Charles Fazzino/Published by Museum Editions, Ltd./

Fazzino’s Commemorative Artwork

Fazzino’s first event-related commission was for the Yankees, which led to other sporting events commissions including several Major League Baseball All-Star Games. He has also created commemorative artworks for the GRAMMY Awards, Daytime Emmy Awards, the Pori Jazz Festival, the United States Olympic Committee, horse races, motor shows, and of course, the Super Bowl! Fazzino was creating artwork for individual football teams when he was approached by the NFL in 2001 to render the Super Bowl XXXV.

His commemorative illustrations are works of celebration that capture the essence of the day and convey the entire Super Bowl experience in one image. Each year the artwork is inspired by significant elements of the host city, and its sights and sounds to conjure up the feeling of really being there.

Charles Fazzino
Charles Fazzino, 46th Annual Grammy Poster, 2004 © Charles Fazzino/Published by Museum Editions, Ltd./

Making of Fazzino’s Silkscreen Serigraph

Fazzino has been using his silkscreen serigraph technique since 1986. These serigraphs are signed and numbered in a limited edition. It is a meticulous and labor-intensive process from inception to the finished composition. It may require months to research and about a week to create.

The NFL approves a rough sketch of the Superbowl commemorative artworks, based on which a flat drawing is created. Next, a silkscreened color copy is developed that forms the bottom layer base of the three-dimensional artwork. Fazzino and his staff then methodically cut, glue and assemble an additional two or three layers by hand. He has described the buildup process as “layering like lasagna”. Each work is then embellished with acrylic paint glitter and Swarovski crystals. Since these illustrations are hand-made – no two works are alike.

Fazzino at Work in New York © Charles Fazzino/Published by Museum Editions, Ltd./

High-profile collectors of Fazzino’s Artwork

Fazzino’s artwork is exhibited in over 20 countries with several high-profile collectors including President Trump, President Clinton, William Shatner, Tony Danza, Former Finnish President, Tarja Jalonen, Warren Buffet, Prince Albert of Monaco, Gloria Estefan, Paul McCartney, Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, and many more!

Charles Fazzino
Charles Fazzino, La Magnificence de Paris © Charles Fazzino/Published by Museum Editions, Ltd./

Super Bowl LIV

Superbowl LIV will be hosted on Sunday, February 02, 2020, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. This will be the 11th time that the Miami metropolitan area will host a Super Bowl, the most of any city. The last time Miami hosted a Super Bowl was in 2010 when the New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts 31-17.

Today, the National Football Conference champion, San Francisco 49ers will face the American Football Conference champion, Kansas City Chiefs. The game will kick off at approximately 6:30 PM Eastern Standard Time and will be televised live on FOX. Go Chiefs!

Charles Fazzino
Charles Fazzino, Hand-painted helmets for the Kansas City Chiefs (left) and the San Francisco 49ers (right) © Charles Fazzino/Published by Museum Editions, Ltd./

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