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The Best Art Gifs Selection (The First Week Ever)

Zuzanna Stańska 8 July 2016 min Read

Friday came unexpectedly! Thankfully it is time for our Weekly Art Gifs Selection, so ENJOY! This first week of our existence we serve you:

1. Van Gogh’s photo that seem to be very self-portrait friendly:


2. Queen Elisabeth’s frill good for training all corporate employees:

Gif Queen Elisabeth

3. Picasso’s Girl on the Ball who knows how to get the balance right, even though someone’s watching:

Gif Pablo Picasso Circus
Source: The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts,

4. A classic disappointment of every modern girl:

 Source: Kiszkiloski

5. A movie scene showing real art lovers who want to see everything until the Louvre closes (we’ve all done it at least once in a lifetime, right)

Gif - Musee du Louvre, Band of outsiders, Godard, Museum
Jean-Luc Godard, “Bande à part” movie excerpt, 1964


worst artworks: Edvard Munch, Angry Dog, 1938-1943, The Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway. WTF Art History

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WTF Art History

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