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The Best Art Gifs Selection (The First Week Ever)


The Best Art Gifs Selection (The First Week Ever)

Friday came unexpectedly! Thankfully it is time for our Weekly Art Gifs Selection, so ENJOY! This first week of our existence we serve you:

1. Van Gogh’s photo that seem to be very self-portrait friendly:


2. Queen Elisabeth’s frill good for training all corporate employees:

Gif Queen Elisabeth


3. Picasso’s Girl on the Ball who knows how to get the balance right, even though someone’s watching:

Gif Pablo Picasso Circus

Source: The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts,


4. A classic disappointment of every modern girl:

 Source: Kiszkiloski

5. A movie scene showing real art lovers who want to see everything until the Louvre closes (we’ve all done it at least once in a lifetime, right)

Gif - Musee du Louvre, Band of outsiders, Godard, Museum

Jean-Luc Godard, “Bande à part” movie excerpt, 1964


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