Sports Lover? Spot The Ball!

Magda Michalska 6 October 2016 min Read

Are you an active person? You can’t sit for a long while, you have to be always on the move? Well, then this is a short collection just for you: sports paintings by Sir John Lavery, an Irish painter associated with the Glasgow Boys and the Scottish Impressionism. If you a have a while, look up his intriguing female portraits (I feel I’ll write a post about them pretty soon) and his paintings from the World War I.

Task for extra points: Look carefully – how many balls can you spot?

The Chess Players 1929 Sir John Lavery 1856-1941 Presented by the Trustees of the Chantrey Bequest 1930
Sir John Lavery , The Chess Players, 1929, Tate


Sir John Lavery, A Rally, 1885 Glasgow Museums


Sir John Lavary, Lady on a Safety Tricycle, 1885, London, Government Art Collection
Sir John Lavery, Lady on a Safety Tricycle, 1885, London, Government Art Collection


Sir John Lavery, The Croquet party, 1890, Private collcetion
Sir John Lavery, The Croquet party, 1890, Private collection

I know, I know, all of them depict women… I just wanted to show that women’d been active before they started to wear trousers. So now, when it’s easier, we have no excuses, so let’s start moving! 🙂

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