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Short Guide on New Year’s Artsy Resolutions

Magda Michalska 29 December 2023 min Read

Do you also try to change your life when the New Year approaches? Quitting smoking, finding a partner, going on a diet, starting a business, or changing a job… The list is endless and this is why I want to present you with an alternative: an artsy New Year’s resolutions list for 2024!

1. Read about a painting a day

You can easily do this with our DailyArt app which is available in 16 languages and has more than 3,500 masterpieces in the database!

2. Visit at least one exhibition

Frans Hals, A Militiaman Holding a Berkemeyer, known as the Merry Drinker, c. 1629. Photo: Rijksmuseum/ Kelly Schenk.

2024 is a promising year for all museum-goers! On February 16, 2024, Rijksmuseum will open its doors to major Frans Hals exhibition – you will be able to see some of his iconic smiling portraits!

If you want to be up to date with best exhibitions, read DailyArt Magazine regularly!

3. Read one artist’s biography or an art book

Mary Cassatt, In the Loge, c. 1878, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA.
Mary Cassatt, In the Loge, c. 1878, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA.

DailyArt Magazine publishes regularly most recent and exciting publications about art. Here you can find a new, captivating novel about Artemisia Gentileschi. And here is our review of a new book by art historian Katy Hessel, who offers a new look at art history placing the women artists at the front.

4. Visit an art gallery you haven’t been to so far

Artsy New Year's Resolutions

Whether it’s in your town or in another country, try going to a place you don’t know yet. Maybe try to attend the opening of a new exhibition? Here is a list of the top 10 artsy destinations London has to offer!

5. Inspire others with art

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Try sharing your love for art with your friends and family, and even strangers. With more art lovers, world would be a better place!

Have a great 2024 with our artsy New Year’s resolutions!

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