Happy 5th Birthday DailyArt!

Zuzanna Stańska 22 August 2017 min Read

Exactly on this day in 2012, DailyArt mobile apps have been published on AppStore and Google Play. It means, that WE ARE 5 YEARS OLD! (In the mobile world, but still!)

5th Birthday DailyArt

As some of you may remember, back then the DailyArt was horribly gray, ugly and ugly. Super ugly. It was developed very quickly – I thought that having the simple idea of sharing art history in small doses, every day, for free – so people will be able to get inspired and will get a little something that can enlighten their day – will be enough for people just to love it.

And guess what, everything worked. It’s been five years now, we have grown to the team of 8 people (9, if you count Marlon the Cat). 15 contributors are working on the text you’re reading. We have been working with dozens of museums who are sharing their collections with us. Every month we are reaching nearly half a million people worldwide. But I should stop bragging – if you’re interested in some of our data or in the photo of my cat you can check out our special birthday website 🙂

So DailyArtDaily readers – if you still don’t know where we come from, please download DailyArt mobile app for free: AppStore | Google Play and check us out.

Btw. – If you would like to help us a little, here you can find out out to donate 🙂
Thank you!

– Zuzanna & DailyArt Team

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