The Frivolous World Of Art According To Ege Islekel

Zuzanna Stańska 5 August 2017 min Read

Ege Islekel was born in 1990. He is a designer and digital collage artist born and raised in İzmir, Turkey. After working with several architectural offices in Milan, he started to work as a freelancer Interior Designer and Graphic Artist.
But in his free time he likes to experiment with photomanipulation and collage works using ancient statues and famous paintings. Sounds like a perfect content for all art lovers who like intelligent games with art history classics.

Ege believes in that this kind of graphic works broadens his imagination and the way of thinking different. In his photomanipulation artworks he wants to find a way to take attention of the people who follow his works by using social notifications, popular memes and trendy topics. Here is the collection of his latest works – I love the cans!

You can follow his works on his instagram @egeisekel.

Ege Islekel

Ege Islekel

Ege Islekel

Ege Islekel

Ege Islekel

Ege Islekel

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