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  • Venice Carnival in Paintings

    By January 1, 2021

    Venice is stunning all year round but during the carnival month, it becomes even more charming and mysterious. One stumbles upon princesses, pierrots, dukes who hide their faces behind lavish masks. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Venice, join...

  • New Year’s Fireworks in Painting

    By December 31, 2020

    Bonfires, parties, or reading in bed. Ideas for how one should spend New Year’s Eve are endless, and everyone should spend it the way they like. Probably most of us like to watch fireworks at midnight, but all...

  • The Biggest Art News of 2020

    By December 31, 2020

    As we approach the end of a very different year, we look back on what happened in the art world in 2020. From big painting sales, fetching high prices to interesting restoration works, this article has everything you...

  • Boxing Day with St. Stephen

    By December 26, 2020

    According to the Catholic calendar, the second day of Christmas commemorates St. Stephen. He was a young deacon in the community of Jerusalem who became the first martyr in the name of Jesus, an event recounted in Acts...

  • The Best Time of the Year: Christmas in Art

    By December 25, 2020

    To many of us, the Christian religious and cultural celebration called Christmas is surely one of our favorite times of the year. Burl Ives famously sang “Have a holly, jolly Christmas… It’s the best time of the year…” So,...

  • The 12 Days of Christmas

    By December 25, 2020

    In the spirit of the festive season, our gift to you is the 12 days of Christmas retold in artworks. The Twelve Days of Christmas is a carol with roots in 18th-century England, heavy with symbolism and tradition....

  • Holiday Inspiration: How Do Paintings Spend Christmas?

    By December 24, 2020

    Ho, ho, ho, Christmas is here! Whether you’re religious or just enjoy a meet-up with friends and family, Christmas is an occasion to celebrate. If you’re curious what Christmas in paintings looks like, have a look. And how...

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