Watch Legs Of People From Famous Paintings Imagined

Zuzanna Stańska 12 August 2017 min Read

Have you ever been curious how the legs of people from famous portraits might have look like?

Well, I never was but the idea is quite interesting. On the recent Cannes Lions festival, the advertising agency Ogilvy won big with it’s arty campaign “Portraits Completed” which ended up winning a gold Lion and a bronze Lion in Print & Publishing. Designed for Kiwi Shoe Care, “Portraits Completed” reimagines well-known works of art by adding feet to famous portraits.

The featured portraits are some of the greatest examples of movements and genres of art history. The selection of works is similarly diverse, as some feature the self-portraits like Johannes Vermeer and Vincent van Gogh, while others showcase models who sat for the artists, including actress Jeanne Samary and Matisse’s wife, Amélie. Just look:

Vincent Van Gogh, Self Portrait

paintings of legs famous-self-portraits-ogilvy-1

Paul Cézanne, Self Portrait With Beret

paintings of legs famous-self-portraits-ogilvy-3

#4 Leonardo Da Vinci, Mona Lisa

paintings of legs famous-self-portraits-ogilvy-2

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Portrait Of Jeanne Samary

paintings of legs famous-self-portraits-ogilvy-4

Raphael, Self Portrait famous-self-portraits-ogilvy-7

Henri Matisse, Woman With A Hat

paintings of legs famous-self-portraits-ogilvy-8

Johannes Vermeer, Girl With A Pearl Earring

paintings of legs famous-self-portraits-ogilvy-6

Rembrandt Van Rijn, Self Portrait

paintings of legsfamous-self-portraits-ogilvy-5



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