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Best Contemporary Art Podcasts

Roma Piotrowska 30 September 2022 min Read

Contemporary art podcasts usually discuss recently opened exhibitions, burning topics in the art world, and document what is currently going on in the arts. Here are some of my favorites, as seen in my video which you can watch below! 


Podcasts are getting more and more popular. It seems that everyone has a podcast nowadays. Our lives are getting busier, we are constantly distracted by social media feeds, texting platforms, and very rarely have time (or the attention span) to sit down and read for a longer period of time. I read a lot, sadly more emails than books.

When I discovered podcasts, audiobooks, and wireless headphones – my life changed and the amount of books I consume rapidly increased. I mix analogue reading with audiobooks and listen to a lot of podcasts as well. I listen while walking, driving, and even doing chores. Two hours spent on cooking, vacuuming, and mopping floors are not lost anymore. I can just tune in to an audiobook or a favorite podcast and learn about things I wanted to know about anyway but never had time.

All listed contemporary art podcasts are in English.

The Art Newspaper

Contemporary Art Podcasts

This weekly podcast is an extension of The Art Newspaper and, similarly to the magazine, it covers breaking art news and insider stories related to exhibitions and art events. It is hosted by Ben Luke and broadcasts from London, so it is very UK-centric. However, topics do cover the art world’s biggest stories with the help of special guests. It is a good podcast for people who are interested in contemporary art, major players of the art world, and the art market. Conducted in a very professional and polished manner.

Art Monthly Talk Show

Art Monthly is one of the most important printed art magazines in the UK and this is their monthly podcast. Presented by Matt Hale and Chris McCormack and broadcast from London, each month they discuss topics featured in the current issue with the writers contributing to the magazine. It has a radio feel to it, with professionally conducted interviews covering major, current exhibitions and looking at them from a critical perspective.

Bad at Sports

Contemporary Art Podcasts

We, artsy people, are always bad at sports, right? These guys may also be bad at sports, but were really ahead of their time in making podcasts. They were doing the podcast when no one even heard of it yet. Their first episode reaches way back to 2005! Bad at Sports is released weekly and produced in Chicago. It features artists talking about art and the art world. They don’t call themselves art critics but “artists with beer, a microphone, and a desperate enthusiasm for art.”


Medea, Nicola Samori Contemporary Art

Medea: Contemporary Artists Revisit Ancient Greek Tragedy

Seventeen international contemporary artists offer their personal interpretations of the powerful Ancient Greek myth of Medea, showcasing the themes...

Natalia Iacobelli 5 June 2023

gwangju biennale artists Contemporary Art

Against the Currents: 3 Must-See Artists at the 14th Gwangju Biennale

Gwangju Biennale is an internationally renowned art exhibition that takes place in Gwangju, South Korea, every two years. Open from 7 April until 9...

Ania Kaczynska 27 April 2023

Theaster Gates, A Heavenly Chord, 2022. Leslie speakers, Hammond B3 Organ, and sound, dimensions variable. © Theaster Gates. Courtesy Theaster Gates. Photo: Jim Prinz Photography Contemporary Art

Last Chance to See: Theaster Gates: Young Lords and Their Traces

Theaster Gates is known for his urban revival and commitment to public service through the acquisition of neglected buildings around the...

Jennifer S. Musawwir 1 February 2023

Portrait of Veronica Ryan with her exhibition, Along a Spectrum, 2021, Spike Island, Bristol, UK.  Contemporary Art

Meet Veronica Ryan, The 2022 Turner Prize Winner

A great example of resilience and coherence, Veronica Ryan is the latest winner of the Turner Prize, an annual prize awarded to British contemporary...

Carlotta Mazzoli 2 January 2023