Discover History of Design with 1000 Design Classics

Ania Kaczynska 15 December 2022 min Read

If you’re a design connoisseur (or an average enthusiast of aesthetically pleasing items), there is a huge chance you’ve heard of the groundbreaking three-volume Phaidon Design Classics. If not, it’s the perfect time to get familiarized, as a new, updated version has been released for contemporary readers. 1000 Design Classics showcases the most influential and iconic products designed from 1663 to the modern day in a more comprehensive and relevant way than ever before.

design classics: Wassily Chair, Marcel Breuer, 1925. Image credit: Knoll (page 85) Standard-Möbel: 1926 to 1928, Thonet GmbH (formerly Gebrüder Thonet): 1928 to 1932, Gavina/Knoll: 1962 to present

Marcel Breuer, Wassily Chair, 1925. Image credit: Knoll (page 85) Standard-Möbel: 1926 to 1928, Thonet GmbH (formerly Gebrüder Thonet): 1928 to 1932, Gavina/Knoll: 1962 to present. Courtesy of the publisher.

The original three volumes of reference books on industrial design were released in 2006 with featured products chosen by the editorial team under the direction of Alan Fletcher, a British graphic designer and the art director for that project. The new large hardback co-edited by Phaidon editors promises to add more diversity to the previous canon, condense it, and, in addition, it costs less.


Carefully revised to bring every detail up to date, and with the addition of 100 new items that highlight designers from a diverse variety of backgrounds (including a greater number of female designers) and products from the last 15 years, this collection of the world’s greatest product design is more comprehensive, compelling – and more relevant – than ever before.

Phaidon Editors

Publisher’s website.

design classics: iPod 2001, Jonathan Ive, Apple Design Team, 2001. Image credit: Apple (page 544) Apple: 2001 to present

Jonathan Ive & Apple Design Team, iPod 2001, 2001. Image credit: Apple (page 544) Apple: 2001 to present. Courtesy of the publisher.

Each entry is accompanied by an image and a description; this includes a bit of insight into every product, its history, and its maker. Featured items range from famous and celebrated items by designers such as Le Corbusier, Aino Aalto, or Isamu Noguchi, to new stars of modern design like Faye Toogood and Lindsey Adelman.

design classics: 73578-7_Q-116-ILL#2.tif

Anna Castelli Ferrieri, Cylindrical Storage, 1969. Image credit: Anna Castelli Ferrieri (page 411) Kartell: 1969 to present. Courtesy of the publisher.

1000 Design Classics is a must-have for both industry professionals and design geeks. Get your own copy at the publisher’s website.


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