QUIZ: Can You Guess These Post-Impressionist Painters?

Ania Kaczynska, 11 May 2024

Post-Impressionism is a captivating and transformative movement in the world of art. Emerging in the late 19th century, it brought forth a group of visionary artists who dared to push the boundaries of traditional art. Whether you’re an art aficionado or just curious about this period, this quiz will challenge your knowledge and provide fascinating insights into the world of Post-Impressionism. So, get ready to discover the vibrant colors, bold brushwork, and innovative ideas that define this extraordinary movement!


This artist is incredibly popular today, even though he was not appreciated during his lifetime. It is said that during his lifetime he only managed to sell one (!) painting. His works are characterized by expressive colors and impastoed paint. Who is this artist?

quiz post impressionism: Sunflowers, 1888, The National Gallery, London, UK

Sunflowers, 1888, The National Gallery, London, UK

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